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Local Event: ‘From the Ashes’ Local Art Exhibition at 4 Elements Studio

Utica, NY August 25, 2022. The public is invited to view the solo exhibition of local artist Kayla J. Spivey, “From the Ashes.” According to the artist, this exhibition “. . . represents the metaphorical concept of grief as a transformative experience. Turning the pain of love with nowhere to go into something more beautiful; like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

The centerpiece of Kayla’s exhibition is Memorial, a deconstructed quilt created from a collection of porcelain tiles infused with her late mother’s ashes. Acrylic ink is used to color each tile, highlighting the intricate details of various fabric patterns that have been hand pressed into the clay. This exhibition will be available for viewing in person, from September 6th through October 14th, during our typical operating hours. More information can be found by visiting

A closing reception for the exhibition has been scheduled for Friday, October 7, and is free to the public.

Artist Bio

Kayla J. Spivey is an emerging artist, with a current focus in ceramic installation arts, who lives and works in Utica. A native of Camden, NY, her work is driven by the need to create a physical recapitulation of the spectrum of human emotions. She took her first introduction to wheel throwing class at 4 Elements Studio in the fall of 2019, followed by a few semesters of community education ceramics at Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute, and is a current artist in residence at 4 Elements Studio. Kayla works professionally as a scientific writer for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Artist Statement

“My ceramic artistry works with emotion, with each final piece standing to represent a concept I refer to as emotive object witness. My approach to ceramics is characterized by the physical act of generating work(s) fueled by raw feelings to stand as an object artifact and witness to the process of its own creation.”

About 4 Elements Studio

4 Elements Studio is a non-profit community arts center dedicated to engaging and educating the community through a range of artistic experiences and programming. We provide opportunities and resources to artists, the community, and individuals with disabilities by offering workshops, gallery space, exhibitions, workspace, and art equipment to the public. Our studio strives to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for artists at all levels, encouraging participation in the arts through advocacy, education, and outreach. For more information on 4 Elements Studio, please visit

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