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For The Good INC. (FTG) was established in 2002 to assure the presence of a Black led nonprofit organization that would deliver services to melanated communities in Utica, NY. Through FTG, many programs evolved such as: Utica Phoenix, 95.5 The Heat (Utica’s Hottest Radio!) and more. Notably, the Study Buddy Club (2003) was formed to directly challenge and combat the rise of gang activity. 

The Community Garden on Linwood Place is another staple created and maintained by low income residents of the city. Each of these programs foster a sense of pride in individuality and community.

Mohawk Valley Contractors Guild was set up to create economic access for Black contractors and construction workers to bid on projects in the local economy. Unfortunately, state funding ceased for this program in 2008.

Sustaining funding for each of the remaining programs is possible with your support. Be involved. Your time, labor and financial support is best invested in the things that keep our community well. Contact Us to get started today.

Thank you in advance!