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The Impacts of Mass Incarceration in Oneida County Part 2 The Response by Sheriff Rob Maciol Oneida County Correctional Facility



Last month the Phoenix published a list of complaints on the treatment of those incarcerated at the Oneida County Correctional Facility. They consisted of complaints that grievances went unattended, that cold food was consistently served, the lack of a functioning law library, the forced use of used and stained underwear, and highly over-priced telephone and commissary costs.

The article was sent to Sheriff Rob Maciol for a response which is printed here in its entirety. CHL

“The Grievance Policy at the Oneida County Correctional Facility is a five (5) step process, not a fifteen (15) step process as you have stated and it is set forth by the New York State Commission of Corrections (SCOC) which is an independent body that regulates the operations of jails and prisons throughout the state. Our grievance policy meets all of the requirements as set forth by the SCOC”.

“Hot meals are served daily at our facility and our menu not only meets the minimum standards set by the SCOC, but it exceeds them. In addition, our menu is consistently reviewed and approved by a professional nutritionist to ensure that we are always meeting and exceeding those standards. All of the pricing of the items offered through commissary fall within the regulated guidelines and 100% of the profits from those sales go directly into an account that can only be used for inmate services and inmate needs such as televisions & microwaves for inmates to use, supplies for the inmate programs, supplies for inmate recreation, etc.”

“Although we don’t have a physical library for inmates to walk into, all of their research and requests are submitted by the inmate via a kiosk and our Corrections Services Aid follows through with those requests and delivers the approved materials requested directly to the inmate. In addition to having multiple required legal books maintained on site, we also have online access to West Law legal services so the most recent update is always available. Last year alone, more than 7,000 requests were filed by the inmates and processed by our staff. This procedure also is in full compliance with the one set forth by the SCOC.”

“Our laundry services provide all inmates with a clean change of any clothing permitted or required twice a week and more frequently when necessary as mandated by the SCOC. As long as they are laundered, we are permitted to recycle clothing and to ensure our laundering is adequate, the temperature of our commercial washers & dryers are checked regularly by our fire safety officer.”

“The phone service provider that we utilize, by contract, is the same provider used by nearly every county jail in the state and the practice followed is one that is not only compliant with the SCOC, but is a practice utilized nationwide. In addition and in an effort to provide legal service for the inmates, there is no charge for any legal matter calls that they may make.”

Sheriff Robert M. Maciol
Oneida County Sheriff’s Office
6075 Judd Road
Oriskany, New York 13424
315-765-2200 (office)


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