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Surprising Vote in New Hartford

In an unexpected turn of events, the New Hartford School Board voted to
table their Capital Project vote.  Superintendent Tangora was confident
that the capital project resolution would easily pass tonight, however,
town residents turned out en masse to voice their opposition.

The message was loud and clear:  The forest behind Myles school is a
neighborhood treasure and needs to be protected for future
generations..  Used by innumerable children and families as a place to
explore nature, walk dogs, and find moments of peace, clearing a large
portion of these woods for a new bus garage, and adding all the
additional traffic to the surrounding roads would be disastrous,
residents said.   Residents also sited the already extremely problematic
storm water situation in this neighborhood which, not only floods homes,
but also has caused recent massive flooding in the business areas of
Jay-K and Big Apple.

Former New Hartford School Board member, Bob Calli, was among the public
opposing the Myles site and explained to the current Board that the
Myles woods was assessed 15 years ago and was then deemed inappropriate
for a bus garage for all the same reasons as in the current situation.
Fifteen years ago, the Board voted to protect the Myles woods.  Fifteen
years ago, a site at BOCES was found to be more feasible and a
Right-of-Way easement was even granted to the District for this
project.  “If it was feasible 15 years ago, why is it not feasible
now?”, Calli demanded of the Board.

The tabled vote provides the opportunity for the Board to create a
separate resolution for only the bus garage.  In this way, the Board can
move forward with the capital improvements to all of the various New
Hartford school buildings, while taking more time to find a better site
for the new bus garage.


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