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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

As a college student, it was difficult to leave my campus and adjust to online learning from home in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. To then see our elected officials fail to take action, while we citizens continue to do everything in our power, has been downright frustrating.

Congressman Anthony Brindisi, on the other hand, has taken action since the beginning. Every step of the way, he has made the most advantageous and responsible choice on our behalf.

Even before I was aware of how the COVID-19 outbreak would come to affect us, Anthony was taking the right steps. In February, he sent a letter to leaders in Congress asking for funding for state and local governments in order to prepare for the potential outbreak.

Weeks before I was told to leave campus, Anthony went to the White House to advocate for a quick and bipartisan response to the crisis.

When he got back to the district, he listened to health experts and local officials about the pandemic.

I feel lucky, in a difficult and chaotic time like this, that we have a responsible congressman that knows what is important to us, fights for it, and gets it done.

Thank you,

Genevieve McCarthy
Political Science, Spanish
Colgate University



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