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Kaliedoscopic Poetry   [aka Collide – oscopic Poetry] : a poem by Natalie Williams

Kaliedoscopic Poetry   [aka Collide – oscopic Poetry] 

[ Her Say ]

A Hundred Bucks, It’s Gone, You See…

Got Tunes, some Vinyl, DVD’s – 

and Classic Documentaries

For Nourishment;   These   will Sustain me 

And, What to Eat?    An Empty Cupboard Speaks.    

Perhaps, Jules Verne shall be my Meat?

For Bread, I’ll take a Woman’s Song.   

To Drink?    A Movie about Erica Jong

If Food and Shelter weren’t Enough     

To make us Happy,    There’ s Always Grough

E-A-R-T-H minus A-R-T    equals E – H”;

Earth without Art?    Is just “eh”; you see…

Earth without Art?    

Whatever Kind of Life would that Be?

The Muse, The Art,    And Drawings will be     

Enough ‘Food’ to take in     To Make Poetry

[ Him Say ]

Foolish Old Girl – Writes Poetry     

She Nourish     By Posterity; 

and Stories Build her Body So   

Tales of places    Mere Mortals    Never Go

She do dis, She den do dat   Goes to get some ting   

– And plays wit’  ‘er cat

Walk here, and den dere    Den, I notice she mutter,  

writing notes as she sat

At Times I Hear;   She Does Not Sleep   

Just Revs her Engines;   Designs, and Thinks

Her Fuel fer Rhymes    is Paper Stock,   

A Nook, a Book, and Common Pot

A bik’ of Thyme; and Garden Grub    

Makes Maudlin Soup –   Now, Here’s the Rub

What she Produce    Is What you See     

Kaliedoscopic Poetry

She Mash-Up ideas, make old tings anew

And love ‘er junky possessions,   true

Eclectic Talents – Crochet and Sew;    

She mix wit’ Welder; Plasma Gun    

To Build Dome Houses    In the Sun

Melts Plastic fer a Cover Top     

Foundation – Tires;      Sledgehammer Mop

Wit’ lik kel,   One Can Do   a Lot    

But Practical,   I Call her Not

Inventions –   Like I Never Knew…    

A She Mechanic     Who    Cooks up a Stew

© 2018 Natalie M. Williams

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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