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Citizen Action Endorses James Paul for Utica School Board

By John Furman

Citizen Action of New York has announced its endorsement of James Paul III for Utica City School Board. 

Paul is a veteran, parent in the school district, and actively involved with youth programs in the community. He stood out to members of the Citizen Action Endorsement Committee for his commitment to positive school climate through increased teacher diversity, culturally relevant curriculum, and improved parent engagement.

“We’re proud to be endorsing James Paul for Utica City School Board. James will work to rebuild the relationship between the community and the School Board. We can count on him to prioritize the needs of students, ensure greater transparency in the decision-making process, and create a healthier and more positive school climate,” said John Furman, State Board Member for Citizen Action of New York.

“Our future leaders sit in our classrooms today. A quality education that is as diverse and culturally relevant as our students will move those future leaders to demand a world that reflects the same,” said James Paul III, candidate for Utica City School Board.

Housing Lobby Day

On Tuesday, May 14, Citizen Action will join with tenants and activists from across the state as we descend on the state capitol for a Housing Justice Lobby Day.

We’ll be advocating for a package of legislation that includes:

Just Cause Evictions

Removal of the Geographic Restrictions on the Tenant Protection Act (because affordable housing is EVERYONE’s right, not just in NYC)

If you like to come on our bus, please call John Furman at 315-725-0974 or email cnycitizenaction@gmail.com. 

Campaign Beginning 

With school board elections less than a month away, Citizen Action is kicking off our 2019 Community Canvass.

Of all the work we do, our community outreach and voter engagement is among the most important, and we urge everyone to participate in the process.

With an eye toward building power for the future, we’ll be leading with our core local issues as we head out in pairs to knock doors in Cornhill. We’ll be identifying voters who share our concerns about the lack of teacher diversity, lack of trust, and the need for culturally relevant curriculum.

We’ll also be encouraging voters to support James Paul for School Board and Delvin Moody for Common Council.

Training will be provided, and we’ll send people who haven’t done it before out in pairs with those who are experienced. 

Come join us in Albany for Justice Works

Justice Works is the world we want to see, a world where people of all different ages, races, ethnicity and gender come together in a collaborative environment to learn and strategize in the fight for collective liberation.

This year, Justice Works will be held on July 20 & 21 in Albany. There will be an opportunity to attend workshops, hear from world-renowned speakers, and connect with more than 500 other top activists from every community across New York State.

Justice Works has long been considered one of the most important gatherings for progressive power-building in New York. This is your chance to be part of a life-changing experience that will push your further on your path to creating the world we all want!

If you like come to this exciting event, please contact John Furman at 315.725.0974.

Utica Delegation Participates in the People’s Wave National Convention

A delegation of Citizen Action members from Utica, along with nearly a thousand progressive activists from throughout the country, attended  People’s Action convention “The People’s Wave” in Washington, D.C. April 28-30.  Our bi-annual conference was a resounding success.

People’s Action is one of the largest and the fastest growing multiracial, people’s organizations in the country. We are 48 member organizations in 32 states, with more than a million grassroots leaders.  Citizen Action is a member of People’s Action.

While at the Convention,  we won a huge victory in the fight for Medicare For All: the House Ways and Means Committee has announced they will hold, for the first time, hearings on the Medicare For All Act Of 2019, introduced this spring by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT).  Ways and Means plays a decisive role in whether or not Medicare for All advances to the floor for a vote. We need solutions to our health care crisis now, not later.

People’s Action hit on all cylinders in D.C. –with rallies, protests and marches, and in committee rooms and offices and on Capitol Hill. Sen. Sanders spoke at our conference.  We met personally with Senator Gillibrand and had meetings with the staff of Senator Schumer,  Representative Brindisi and others. We also learned organizing skills and shared strategies at workshops.

4th Annual May Day Festival A Success

Central New York Citizen Action  held  our Fourth Annual May Day Festival at DeSales Center  to commemorate past human and labor rights victories and continue the struggle for social justice.  There was e food, live music, and on-the-spot actions to take to commemorate past human and labor rights victories and continue the struggle for social justice  

Celebrated in 66 nations, May Day (also known as International Workers’ Day) is deeply rooted in the American union movement – specifically the struggle during the late 1800s for an 8-hour workday. It is a holiday that celebrates the achievements of the international labor movement and the struggle for human rights.

John Furman of Citizen Action stated: “On May Day, when ordinary workers around the world celebrate their solidarity and achievements, in our present political climate, it is important we re-assert the need for union rights and workers’ protection. We must oppose policies that hurt ordinary people like cutting Social Security, pensions, housing and food assistance, and health care, not fully funding public schools and giving big tax breaks to the 1%.  

“We understand how racism and fear can be used to cause divisions among working people to benefit those in power.   We stand with workers around the world and oppose those who seek to divide us by skin color, nationality, religion, gender, or ethnic background. This year’s May Day message is:  We win when we stand together.”

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