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Black Market: Utica’s Black Business

Welcome to the “Black Market”!

If you’d like to support the community, below is a list of various Black-owned businesses that are all in the Utica/Rome area. These businesses are an often overlooked part of Utica’s economy and can offer an array of different services including legal aid, food, real estate, and even construction.  

Construction/Home Renovation

Right Way Construction 315.921.1218

T Square Construction 315.790.2150

Howard Painting 315.795.1257


Mayes Salon 315.724.1192

JJ Merchandise 347.583.6252


C Hamilton Properties LLC 315.723.6553

CREAM Team Properties 315.922.9600


Let’s Deal Fashion 315.360.5285

First Class Promotions 315.336.2700

Crooked Brook 315.733.1992

WeDaBest 315.797.1901

Lionest Fashion & Care 315.542.5015

Discount Grocery 315.790.5529

Heavenly Aroma CNY 315.351.5181

Arouca Hemp Farms 646.713.5052


Oneka Campbell Esq. 315.586.2251

Small Business Legal Services 315.636.0852


D Hayes Catering 315.542.4857

Come Into Jamaica 315.724.2439

Island Breeze Bar/Grill 315.507.5452

Ty’s Kitchen 315.790.0112

Grill and Chill 315.864.3677

Banquet Hall

Carol L Crooms Center 315.534.3434

Funeral Home

T revels Gibson 315.732.2016

Motorcycle Club

Buffalo Soldiers 315.351.5605

This list will be regularly updated as new businesses develop in the Utica/ Rome area.

If you know of any Black-owned businesses that are not included in this list, please email We want to add to this list and support our local economy, so please don’t be shy!







Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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