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Black Market: Utica’s Black Business

Welcome to the “Black Market”!

If you’d like to support the community, below is a list of various Black-owned businesses that are all in the Utica/Rome area. These businesses are an often overlooked part of Utica’s economy and can offer an array of different services including legal aid, food, real estate, and even construction.  

Construction/Home Renovation

Right Way Construction 315.921.1218

T Square Construction 315.790.2150

Howard Painting 315.795.1257


Mayes Salon 315.724.1192

JJ Merchandise 347.583.6252


C Hamilton Properties LLC 315.723.6553

CREAM Team Properties 315.922.9600


Let’s Deal Fashion 315.360.5285

First Class Promotions 315.336.2700

Crooked Brook 315.733.1992

WeDaBest 315.797.1901

Lionest Fashion & Care 315.542.5015

Discount Grocery 315.790.5529

Heavenly Aroma CNY 315.351.5181

Arouca Hemp Farms 646.713.5052


Oneka Campbell Esq. 315.586.2251

Small Business Legal Services 315.636.0852


D Hayes Catering 315.542.4857

Come Into Jamaica 315.724.2439

Island Breeze Bar/Grill 315.507.5452

Ty’s Kitchen 315.790.0112

Grill and Chill 315.864.3677

Banquet Hall

Carol L Crooms Center 315.534.3434

Funeral Home

T revels Gibson 315.732.2016

Motorcycle Club

Buffalo Soldiers 315.351.5605

This list will be regularly updated as new businesses develop in the Utica/ Rome area.

If you know of any Black-owned businesses that are not included in this list, please email uticaphoenix@gmail.com. We want to add to this list and support our local economy, so please don’t be shy!








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