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The Journey Video releases “Doubting Thomas” series

The video series, “The Journey-Shepherding God’s People” is announcing the release of
the series “Doubting Thomas” about the Apostle Thomas who refused to believe the
resurrection of Jesus without proof. The video series is designed for those feeling
separated from their faith community, with inspirational ways of encouraging and
celebrating spiritual wellness. The series offers the video time of worship, a blog and
three bible studies that can be used as a Spiritual Wellness program for those in their
third chapter of life wherever they live.

“If someone told you that a man had just risen from the dead, what would your first
reaction be? It’s impossible.” said Rev. Carol Jubenville, Program Coordinator. “When
the apostles told Thomas, “We saw Jesus,” he responded incredulously, and said he
would not believe unless he put his finger into Christ’s wounds.” The bible study will
explore: ‘The difference between doubt and unbelief’ and ‘What motivated Thomas to
believe’ among other specific details of the story.

This video series is designed to bring people who are living in senior housing, assisted
living, skilled nursing and those who are finding it difficult to attend church services, a
sense that their faith community has not forgotten them. The viewer(s) will be able to
experience a time of worship with an exciting message, uplifting hymns and centering
prayers. As we bring “church’ into your home Reverend Carol Jubenville, a Methodist
Pastor and Fr. John Buehler, a Roman Catholic Priest, will review scripture and discuss
thoughtful ways in which you will be able to connect to your faith journey. Every video
offers an ecumenical message of hope and reassurance of God’s love for all people.

The videos and other content are available on the web site
Included on the website are blogs and bible studies that coincide with each video
allowing for deeper understanding of the message and scriptures. The program is funded
by St. Joseph’s Pastoral Care, Inc., and all content and videos are offered at no charge
and are copywritten.

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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