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The Impacts of Mass Incarceration Part 4

Sexual Predation Alleged By Female Officer:

The Utica Phoenix verifies and withholds the name of this author on grounds of possible retribution for the writing of this piece.

Over the past month, there have been more than 20 complaints, grievances, and calls by inmates’ family members regarding a female officer at Mid-State Correction Facility by the name of Ms. Mullen.

The facility has downplayed all incidents that have been reported directly to the superintendent and targeted some individuals who came forward to report the officer’s ongoing harassment, racist treatment, and sexual assaults.

There are regular complaints from inmates about sexual harassment inflicted by officer Mullen that she is in the bathroom every 15-minutes wanting to feel up somebody. She makes them get on the wall, and searches them, for no apparent reason other than her own.
There was one incident in which she searched everyone in the bathroom, and then stood there as she searched for everyone coming into the bathroom. Just because she’s a woman in a uniform, in a position of authority doesn’t give her the right to grope, sexually harass, and sexually assault male inmates.

We, inmates, are around female officers all the time and have never encountered such issues with any of them.

One inmate claims, “I asked her, as she began to search me, to be searched by a male officer because it’s against my religion to touch by a woman other than my wife. Also, that I was fasting and not allowed to talk in the bathroom. But she refused, and begun to violate me anyway.”

Another inmate claims, “They called me down to the gym, made me put my hands on the wall, and the ten or so officers approached and began to verbally threaten with bodily harm if I or my family were to make another complaint about officer Mullen.”

On June 5th, she came to work our dorm, but this time with a greater vengeance especially for the 20 plus inmates that placed grievances against her. “You can place all the grievances you want; I’m not going nowhere!” she yelled throughout the dorm holding copies of the actual grievances that were placed against her.

Officer Mullen writes about 5 tickets a day for minor stuff, and only targets Black & Hispanic inmates. White inmates, she treats with the utmost respect but treats minorities like trash by being extremely abusive verbally, sexually harassing/ assaulting, and stooping as low as talking about individual’s mothers.

Officer Mullen makes up her own rules as the day goes along. Such as No Black shows on the T.V. If she walks by, and sees that it’s a Black show she’ll shut off the TV, and shut the dayroom down.

In her very own words: “Whatever rule that I have that is not in the directive will be fully backed by the facility’s administration!”

Inmates from the same dorm have suffered verbal threats by other officers stating, “If anything happens to Officer Mullen we’re going to come up there, and f#?! you all up!
“There was a similar incident involving Mid-State officers who randomly assaulted multiple inmates in the very same building in which one inmate was thrown down a flight of stairs, and others suffered multiple injuries. That’s why we take these threats very seriously,” claims NJ.

Since the facility has turned a blind eye, and a deaf ear to the harassment and sexual abuse by office Mullen, inmates, and their families have decided to turn to the media, the Attorney General, and Governor Cuomo’s office for answers. This abuse has got to stop.


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