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Mohawk Valley Almanac August 2023

Mohawk Valley Almanac August 2023

Holidays and Observations for August 2023


August 1          Colorado Day ; Lammas (Cross Quarter Day)

August 3`         Ernie Pyle Day (New Mexico)

August 4          Coast Guard Day

August 14        Atlantic Charter Day

August 16        Bennington Battle Day (Vermont)

August 19        National Aviation Day; Admission Day (Hawaii)

August 26        Women’s Equality Day


Early August this year is predicted to be a bit cooler than our rather hot and humid July. Farmers’ markets pick up the pace with greater availability of mid to late summer peppers, tomatoes, blue berries and many other  locally grown fruits and vegetables. These are  much fresher options to what is available in grocery stores. Anyone with a garden knows the superior taste of vegetables picked at their peak and prepared the within a day or two to what can be bought commercially.


August 1 marks Lammas, a Cross-quarter day mid-way between the supper solstice of June and autumnal equinox of September. Not usually as hot as July with a daily high averaging 81°F and low of of 57°F, the days become noticeably shorter with sunset nearly 7:30 P.M., over an hour earlier than most of June and July. Evenings are sometimes cool and a  sweater or light jacket needed on some cooler evenings.


Many still get away for a week or so for camping before preparing for university (beginning late August) or public schools beginning just after Labor Day. There are several well-known festivals, fairs and special days and fairs during this late summer month, though no major holidays.


The Little Falls Canal Celebration, Madison-Bouckville Antique Week, and Herkimer County Fair are provide several days of festivals focused on local history often with music and a variety of foods and  in the region.  For history buffs, there is the commemoration service at Oriskany Monument of the 1777 Battle of Oriskany.


While no major holidays are in August, Women’s Equality Day (a Proclamation Day) on August 26 has become more commonly celebrated in recent years, especially with the recent increased restrictions on abortion and reproductive health care, increased awareness of domestic violence, sexual harassment and the “Me Too” movement and pay inequalities of women vs. men.


If possible, enjoy the outdoors by attending one of the many fairs, festivals, or historic heritage  celebrations of the greater Mohawk Valley as the summer winds down with the all-too-quick  transition through the New York State Fair in Syracuse, Labor Day and the cooler, shorter days of fall.




A selection of Regional Festivals and Events


August 4-6                  Durant Days at Raquette Lake with Boat Parade and Fireworks

August 6                      246th Oriskany Battlefield Anniversary Commemoration, 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.

August 7-15                Little Falls Canal Celebration 

August 12                    Unadilla National Moto Cross Day at New Berlin

August 14-20              Madison Bouckville Antique Week, NYS Route 20

August 15-20              Herkimer County Fair, Frankfort

August 18-19               30th Chenango Blues Festival, Norwich

August 26                    Clinton Arts Festival Saturday, Clinton


In the Night Skies August 2023


Mercury is just above twilight western horizon, with a very faint Mars above it. August 3: Conjunction with Saturn just above waning Full Moon; August 8: Saturn and Jupiter have a pre-dawn conjunction in the east. Starting about the 20th, Venus becomes a morning star in the pre-dawn eastern sky for several weeks. .


The Perseid Meteor Shower, usually the best meteor shower of the year, August 11-12, best seen after midnight at a rate of about 1 meteor a minute in clear rural skies as the waning Crescent Moon rises quite late.


Moon Phases for August

August 1          First Sturgeon Moon   Rises 8:56 P.M., SE      Sets 5:09 A.M.

                        (Also known as Green Corn Moon)

August 8          Last Quarter Moon     Rises 11:55 P.M., SE    Sets 2:18 P.M., NW

August 16        New Moon                  Rises 6:02 A.M., NE     Sets 8:36 P.M., W

August 24        First Quarter               Rises 2:44 P.M., E       Sets 11:36 P.M.

August 30        Full Blue Moon           Rises 7:53 P M., E        Sets 5:26 A.M., SW                  



Rising and Setting Time of Sun, Moon and Visible Planets on August 21, 2023

Sunrise            Rises 6:12 A.M.                       Sets 7:566 P.M.Daylight 11 Hours and 43 minutes

Waxing Crescent Moon          Rises 11:16 A.M., NE               Sets 10:09 P.M., NW

Mercury          Sets 8:47 P.M., W

Venus              Rises 5:32 A.M., E

Mars                Sets 9:00 P.M., W

Jupiter             Rises 10:51 P.M. E

Saturn             Rises 8:09  P.M., E

Uranus            Rises 11:08 P.M,,  E   

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