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Local Clinton Orchard Goes Organic

Jason Townsend of Kingfisher Farm and Nancy Grove of Old Path Farm have teamed up to transition a long-standing and well known Clinton apple orchard to Organic management.

What This Means for You:  Stay tuned for the locations where you will be able to purchase the many varieties of organically-grown apples this coming autumn.

Many people in the area know the long standing apple orchard and vegetable farm on Dawes Avenue and Kellogg Street in Clinton.  Vinny and Carol Vangura faithfully planted and tended the trees for decades and Vinny’s parents did the same for decades before
that.  In their passing, the Vangura’s left behind a delicious and fruitful legacy in our community.  The family members who recently inherited the farm invited us to be the Orchardists.  A large and special thanks to Pete Martino, of NYoutdoorRealty.com for making this come together.

We’ve had already had an outpouring of support from family and friends
who have been spending many hours pruning and tending to the 309 trees.

What Does it Mean to Transition to Organic?

Transitioning any land to Organic requires 3 years of utilizing only
organic methods.  After the 3-year period, it will be eligible to seek
Organic certification.  If you drive by the orchard you might see us
spraying, and wonder, “I thought they were organic…?”
Organically-grown apples do require a lot of spray, but the difference
is that the spray is comprised of naturally-occurring substances such as
clay, sulfur and mineral oil.  The sprays keep fungus and insect pests
at bay.

You might also drive by and think: “Hey the grass is
over-grown, they are neglecting this place.”  But the taller grass is
intentional, as it helps prevent fungal spores from splashing up onto
the tree. Lastly, we do not know if transitioning this orchard to
Organic methods will be successful. The reason being that Organic
orchardists choose to plant apple varieties that are inherently
resistant to pests and diseases, thus reducing the need for sprays.
This old orchard does not incorporate such varieties. So, it will be an
uphill struggle in some ways.  But we are up for the challenge and will
do our best.

Stay tuned….


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