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Letter to the Editor: We Deserve a Functioning Government


I don’t know about you, but as I watched the disfunction of the GOP Congress as they elected their Speaker, I saw only one thing besides their rush to dismantle all the protections and services of “We the people!” That was to protect themselves from being investigated or held accountable for any members,such as Andy Biggs, Jim Jordon, Scott Perry etc., that were involved in the January 6th insurrection. They have destroyed the Ethics Committee which is needed to hold members ethically accountable.

The Congressional GOP has shown America that they are all about them and certainly not about “We the People! They have chosen to destroy our Democratic Republic as we know it to and replace it with autocratic rule. Shame on them for dishonoring their oath of office to support the Constitution.

We, no matter what gender, color, religious beliefs or political party deserve and need congressional leaders chosen by the voters, not politicians choosing their voters. We need an independent committee in all states to determine election districts , with no  politicians or their influence on the committee! Call your elected leaders and insist on such a committee. We deserve a functioning government!

Carole Gehrig
Whitesboro, New York 

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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