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Johnson Park Center announces food and school supply giveaway

On behalf of the JCTOD Outreach, Inc. (dba) Johnson Park Center (JPC) Free Choice Food Pantry, our Program Participants, Staff, and Board of Directors are honored and grateful to have served the community with continuous positive change for 28 years. We invite you to the JPC Drive-Thru (Cars/Vehicles Only) Free Food and Go With A Smile School Supplies Giveaway for disadvantaged families, seniors, and single individuals around JPC Sites in the 1400 Block of West Street, Utica, New York 13501 Rain or Shine” on Monday, August 21, 2023, from 2 pm to 6:30 pm.

We welcome all low-income families and single individuals who meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) low-income eligible requirement. (See below) For all who will come to the Food Pantry for the first time, JPC needs the head of household to bring the Identification (IDs) of all people living with you. Acceptable Government Issued IDs such as Birth Certificates, NYS Driver’s Licenses, NYS Photo IDs, Social Security Cards, and NYS Benefit Cards. For our JPC Food Pantry Consumers who need to recertify for the JPC Annual Low-Income Recertification, please bring your JPC Food Pantry Card (JPCFPC), the Acceptable Government Identification (IDs) as previously stated for all people in your household, and meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) low-income eligible requirement. (See below).

Food to be given to the community, drumsticks, shrimp, eggs, ziti, rice, elbow macaroni, product boxes, fresh produce, fresh fruit, blueberries, cereal, saltine crackers, snacks, etc.

 About “The Go With A Smile School Supplies,” all registered students from ages three to 18 years of age listed on the parent or caregiver as head of household will receive school supplies:

(1) current JPC Food Pantry Card (JPCFPC),  

(2) temporary  JPCFPC issued on-site on the day of the event for lost, new, or updated Food Pantry Intake Applications

(3) For Adults Students- age 19 and over, current or temporary JPCFPC as head of household with an Acceptable Government Issue for proof of age, documented proof of school, education, or training programs attending.

JPC Registration/Intake Personnel will give the head of household School Supplies Tickets based on the number of registered students.

New-Starting on the corner of Leah and 1300 block of West Streets, cars/vehicles will line up at the registration station. The Registration Personnel will scan all heads of households’ JPC Food Pantry Cards (JPCFPC) in a car/vehicle.

If you are picking up JPCFPC, the Registration Personnel may ask you to print your name and check the processed cards. If the Registration Personnel finds your card, they will give it to you.


Suppose you, the head of household, have come to the JPC Food Pantry (FP):

  1. to pick up your JPCFPC, and it was not found. Re-submit a new FP Intake Application
  2. For the first time, complete an FP Intake application.
  3. Need to add or remove people from your FP Intake application on file
  4. replace a lost JPCFPC

The Registration Personnel will direct you to the Intake Station. The Intake Personnel can help you finish the required JPC FP Intake Application.

The Registration or Intake Personnel will place the number of households represented in each car on its windshield. You will go to the next station, sign in, and receive school supplies tickets based on the number of registered students on your JPCFPC or temporary JPCFPC. You will then proceed to the various food stations. A worker will collect your school supplies tickets, and you will receive your school supplies. After receiving “The Go With A Smile School Supplies, keep driving and receive all the additional Food. Thank you for coming, and you will exit the JPC Free Choice Food Pantry area.    

If you do not have a car/vehicle, please come to the JPC Walkers Free Food and Go With A Smile School Supplies Giveaway on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, between 2 pm to 6 pm in the 1400 Block of West Street Utica, New York 13501. 

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