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Workshop & Lecture by Natalie M. Williams on Geodesic Domes & Spheres April 29 & May 4, 2020

Modeling Workshop 

on Geodesic Domes & Spheres 

APRIL 29, 2020    7 pm – 9 pm

for the Mohawk Valley Freedom School; 

at The Other Side (2011 Genesee Street  Utica, New York 13501)

Talk on Geodesic Frameworks

May 4, 2020, 5 pm – 6 pm

at the Utica Public Library (303 Genesee Street) 

The Geodesic Dome was given to the world by R. Buckminster Fuller over 60 years ago. Science teacher Natalie M. Williams intends to revitalize the concept of Geodesics through education workshops and construction camps. Geodesic Structure Frameworks – domes (hemispheres) and spheres (soccer balls) are made up of hexagons and pentagons; these open span structures are remarkably light and strong.

People will make paper models of domes & spheres, and build a 5-foot diameter Sphere!  All materials will be provided. 

DomesForThePeople provides geodesic education to communities & Connector Hubs for Do-It-Yourself spherical frameworks.


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