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Win Free Tickets through Phoenix Media Trivia Raffle!





Win Free Tickets through Phoenix Media Trivia Raffle!

  Wouldn’t it be great if returning to seeing live performances could be free? Participate in Phoenix Media’s trivia raffle and you could win one of four pairs of tickets to see Summer: The Donna Summer Musical at the Stanley Theater in Utica. Presented by the Broadway Theater League of Utica, Summer will be performed locally on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

   Summer tells the story of popular singer Donna Summer (December 31, 1948-May 17,2012). The score features more than twenty of her most famous hits of the disco era and beyond. 

   To win free tickets, answer each of the following questions below. Each question relates to Donna Summer, disco music and culture, or the pop culture of the disco era. Submit your answers to Phoenix Radio at

  Or print this article and send them via postal mail to-

   Phoenix Media Radio Group, Inc.

   Business Office 1113 Linwood Place

   Utica, New York, 13501


  All entries must be in by Monday, November 15, 2021. We will select up to the first one hundred quizzes with the most correct answers and enter them into a drawing. From that pool of the best one hundred, four names will be drawn. Each person whose name is drawn will receive one pair of tickets, absolutely free. 


   The questions:

  1. Fans called Donna Summer “The Queen of Disco.” But what was her full, real name?


  1. Donna Summer’s status as the queen of disco was launched in 1975. Which song, also her first hit and one of the first disco hits, was responsible for this? 


  1. In 1979, Donna Summer made a life-altering decision about her spiritual/religious life. What path did she choose to follow? 


  1. Studio54, a New York City disco club, became one of the most famous symbols of disco and its culture. The founders, Ian Schraeger and Steve Rubbell, were college roommates at which New York University? 


  1. A famous painter was known for spending time at Studio54. One of his paintings is part of the collection at the museum in Utica. Who was this artist? 


  1. Disco fashion, including halter tops, hot pants, platform shoes, glitter, and more was an important part of the disco scene. Which famous 1970s designer popularized the halter dress? 


  1. This time in American culture even changed our language. What do you call the act of sleeping in the late afternoon or early evening before going out? 


  1. Cars in the 1970s ranged from vans to bugs. But only one car from the days of disco has been named “one of history’s dorkiest cars” by Motortrend. Which car was this? 


  1. Today, cell phones are available in a wide variety of brands and sizes. Which cell phone company released the first commercially available cell phone in 1973? 


  1. The decade of disco, the 1970s, brought a bunch of beloved toys to those much too young to participate in the scene. One of these toys was  featured on the popular YouTube channel, “Safiya and Tyler” on April 13,2021 and again on Sept. 7. Which toy was this?
Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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