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Utica Phoenix Horoscopes for March by Dear Jenny


Jenny Lynch is one of New York’s most admired and innovative astrologers, with 30 years of teaching and astrological consulting experience. Her expertise lies in predictive, relationship and relocation astrology

By: Jenny Lynch

Venus retrograde in your sign is likely to change the way you feel about people, things – or even yourself.  You may wonder if you could be better, look better or how to become happier.   Once the new moon takes place in your sign, you’re off for a fresh new beginning.
As much as you want to get ahead, you may feel you’re getting nowhere fast.   Work on your improving your health and or revise your plans. Then you’ll be ready attract just the right people and opportunities.Gemini
With Venus retrograde in your social sign, it’s likely you’ll reconnect with people from your past.  Towards the end of the month get ready to meet new people. Attend an event or networking party if you can.
Mars in your social sign is bound to keep you busy.  Expect party invitations to come your way. You might also decide to join an organization or take on a leadership role in a group you belong to.
Mars in your professional sign will give you the energy and drive to accomplish a great deal.  You may decide it’s time to look for a more promising position.  If you’ve been working on an important project – it’s time to let others know.
You may feel as if bills are piling up and there’s no way out.  Towards the end of the month, once the new moon takes place, things will around quickly and in your favor.
Venus retrograde in your relationship sign is likely to change your feelings towards others.  You may wonder how to improve your relationships.  Once the new moon will take place, you’ll be off to a fresh new beginning for all your partnerships.
March promises a fresh new beginning for your work and your health.  It’s a favorable time to apply for a new job, try out a new health practitioner, diet or fitness routine.Saggitarius
Mars in your work and wellness sign makes it easy to focus on everyday projects.  You can also expect your health to improve as you will have more energy than usual.
Venus retrograde in your domestic sign will help you find ways to improve your home and family relations. Meanwhile, Mars in your romance and pleasure sign means it’s time to enjoy yourself.
Venus retrograde in your communication sign could put you in touch with siblings or old friends.  On March 12, a full moon will take place in your travel sign.  This marks a perfect time to visit others or have them visit you
Venus retrograde in your money sign could cause concerns about financial matters.  Once the new moon takes place, you will feel more confident.  Expect favorable news about money matters around this time.

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