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Free Clip Art: Sisters

By: Theresa Weston

Sister! Sister!

I miss you
I remember when we used to wear each other’s shoes
I remember when we used to listen to each other,
Singing the Blues
Being Sisters have so many rules, the most important rule is to love you!

Sister! Sister!
Our bond should be strong,
we shouldn’t hold a grudge that would be wrong.
Who would have thought we would be angry for so long.
Your friends you can forgive. I’m your sister, can I live?

Sister! Sister!
You I respect, love, and protect from all harm.
And when you’re upset I’ll be your sense of calm.

Sister! Sister!
The things we do to each other make us strong
enough to admit to each other when we are wrong.
It determines how we get along.

Sister! Sister!
For you, I’ll get on my knees
to prove to you you’re all I need
seeing you smile and making you laugh
would make me pleased

Sister! Sister!
My love never went away
the anger in my heart made me stray
now I am back, my heart is intact.
I’ll always love you. Remember that!

Sister! Sister!


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