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Trey Songz Sued For $20 Million Over Alleged Rape; Denies Allegations


Trey Songz is being sued for $20 million by Jane Doe who says he forcibly anal raped her back in 2016.

The Stafford Room Hosted By Trey Songz

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Trey Songz is once again at the center of new sexual assault allegations.

This new allegation comes just weeks after Dylan Gonzalez’s rape allegations and two months after it was revealed he is a part of a different investigation in Las Vegas. This time, the singer is being accused by a victim listed as Jane Doe who claims he forced anal sex on her on March 24th, 2016, and now, she is suing for $20 million in damages.

The woman claims she was invited to a house party and thought they would engage in consensual sex, but instead, the artist allegedly became a “savage rapist.” The woman even alleges that she screamed in pain and tried to push Songz off, but was over-powered. Someone even allegedly entered the room during the encounter, but after they left, he continued raping her, alleges Jane Doe.

TMZ is reporting Trey’s lawyer has already responded to the lawsuit, stating:

“Earlier today, the attorney who drafted this suit was credibly accused of trying to pay a woman to falsely accuse Trey. Hours later, that same attorney has filed this suit on behalf of an anonymous client. It isn’t hard to see what’s happening here, and it is a shame for genuine victims of sexual assault.

The rep adds, “the allegations in this complaint are false. Trey looks forward to having the facts fully aired.”

The woman’s attorney Ariel Mitchell is also representing two other women that are suing Trey Songz for sexual assault in Miami and New York.


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