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Time’s Ticking Congressman Williams

From Sarah Reeske

September 30th is the date to circle in red marker on the calendar if you’re paying attention to NY22, Rep. Brandon Williams. It is the last day of the federal government’s fiscal year. Every part of the government requires a set amount of money to fund their work for the next year. Those bills must be passed by September 30th, or else agencies come to a screeching halt. If that happens, then civilian employees, like our friends, family and neighbors who work at Rome Labs, will not be paid.

Some of Williams’ Republican colleagues like Marjorie Taylor Greene, whom he votes with 90% of the time, are fine with a harmful government shutdown because they want Speaker McCarthy to pursue a ridiculous fantasy of impeaching Joe Biden for something he didn’t do before they vote to fund the government. Will Brandon Williams step up to the plate and convince his fellow extreme colleagues that a government shutdown would hurt America?

Maybe Williams will be content with not rocking the boat. Maybe he’s ok with a comfortable front row seat to the economic disaster that would ensue for the country and in our communities (not his, he doesn’t live in NY22) if he and his Republican colleagues use control of the House to force a government shutdown. Only time will tell.


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