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Solo exhibition to feature Rainer Maria Wehner at 4 Elements Studio

The public is invited to view the solo exhibition of local artist Rainer Maria
Wehner at 4 Elements Studio satellite gallery The Westwood located at 167 Genesee
St. Utica. The exhibition can be viewed Monday- Friday, 8am-7pm, Saturday
10am-5pm, Sunday, 10am-3pm. This solo exhibition is a collection of mixed media
containing images of x-rays and of body scans from airports. The exhibition will be
available for viewing from October 16- November 26, 2023.

 Artist Bio:
Rainer Maria Wehner, born in Munich, Germany, received his MFA degree from the
Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe and Art History at the University of Karlsruhe in
Germany, lived and worked for a year in New Zealand and since 2003 is a permanent
resident of New York State.

He taught at two High schools in Germany for two years.

Based on the museum collection at the State Museum in Karlsruhe he successfully
developed and taught a course in experimental art for nine years. He moved to
Berlin to work in the Bildhauer Werkstatt, an international workspace for artists. For
the artist-in-residence program at Sculpture Space he moved to Utica. During this
residency he was invited to give lectures to the students, faculty and the public at
Syracuse University, Pratt-MWP and Hamilton College.
After several years of teaching at Cazenovia College, working at the Munson Williams
Proctor Museum, he worked at Syracuse University at the Warehouse Gallery/Point of
Contact Gallery and now teaches Art at State University of New York.

Wehner’s work has been exhibited in Germany, France and Italy and in the USA.
Multiple monographs and catalogs were published in Germany and one in the US.
Works in public can be seen at Rome, NY Griffiss Sculpture Park, Utica College in
Utica NY, OCC Oneida College in Syracuse.

Artist Statement
“For the last twenty years I have worked with welded steel, fluorescent light, x-rays,
film transparencies and drawings. My personal involvement with x-rays demonstrates
human intimacy in a technical and growing virtual world. Combined with the
fragmented unreadable text of old testamentary prophecy and the luminous images
they are a metaphor for the interaction of human spirit and archetypes. The
drawings are executed on transparent paper or mylar worked from both sides and
loosely hung in heavy steel box frames with glass panes. The unusual dimensions
turn the two-dimensional work through its physical appearance into sculptural
~ Rainer Maria Wehner

About 4 Elements Studio
4 Elements Studio is a non-profit community arts center in downtown Utica, offering
artistic services and programming to artists, the community and individuals with
special needs. 4 Elements Studio provides countless opportunities to create and
enjoy the arts including classes and workshops for all ages, individualized
programming for people with disabilities, gallery space, exhibitions, workspaces and
other artistic resources. For more information on 4 Elements Studio, please visit
www.4elementsstudio.org.Rainer PR


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