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New York Supreme Court Strikes Down Governor Kathy Hochul’s Quarantine Camps Plan

Reprinted with permission.

Most New Yorkers and most people in America have no idea that on Friday, July 8, 2022, there was a historic ruling in New York State Supreme Court which has saved them from the creation of quarantine camps in New York State at least for now.  It’s no accident that most people know nothing about this ruling because most of the mainstream media has refused to cover it.

The case involved an illegal regulation: 10 NYCRR 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures”, that New York Governor Kathy Hochul managed to sneak through while most New Yorkers were kept in the dark about it. This regulation effectively authorized the creation of quarantine camps in New York State!  This regulation would have given the New York State Health Department, the power to accuse anyone of having a communicable disease. This would not be limited to COVID, but include all types of things, even those that are not communicable. The health department could then use the police, without any proof whatsoever, to have that individual confined to their home or placed in a quarantine camp anywhere in the State of New York.

Furthermore, the regulation had no time limits on how long a person could be kept in a quarantine camp or confined to their home.  An individual could be held captive for months or even years!

The potential for abuse under this regulation would have been nothing less than horrific. African Americans would have good reason to be very concerned about being targeted and placed in these detention centers given the history of profiling and abuse in New York against African Americans.

Kathy Hochul was attempting to undermine the New York State constitution which requires the Legislative Branch of government to make laws, but not the Executive Branch of government which is the branch that Kathy Hochul serves under.

This regulation could also have been easily used as a political weapon because of the vagueness of the definition of who represented a health threat, plus the fact that no evidence was necessary and there were no legal protections for citizens. This meant that anyone who opposed the governor’s agendas could find themselves thrown in one of these concentration camps, The atmosphere of fear in New York would be as intense as in some foreign police state.  One only has to look at the quarantine camps now in place in China, Australia and elsewhere in the world to see frightening these places are.

A bill that was very similar to the Kathy Hochul regulation, had been proposed to the NY legislature and actually sat on the books for years, but none of the legislators would sponsor it or in any way support it. The NY Legislature did not want this type of law to be put in place in New York State.  To undermine the will of the elected officials in the legislature, Governor Holchul quietly put this regulation in place with the help of most of the mainstream media who did not report to the public on what this regulation would do. The regulation effectively had the force of law. Of course, this was illegal because only the elected officials in the Legislative Branch of government can make laws.

The other ironic thing about this regulation was the fact that a law has been on the books in New York for decades which allowed for the removal of someone from society who had been deemed a health threat. This law does include legal protections and Due Process for such individuals. The Kathy Hochul regulation would have thrown out all such protections.

Fortunately, a New York State Supreme Court judge, Judge Ronald Ploetz, ruled that this regulation was unconstitutional and violated numerous other New York State laws.  The lawsuit was filed by Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox.  She was so outraged by the total disregard for the NY State Constitution that this regulation represented, that she took on this case Pro Bono, which means that she is not being paid for her efforts.

Almost immediately after this ruling, Governor Kathy Hochul vowed to appeal the decision and Attorney General Letitia James would carry out the appeal.  This, of course, is absolutely outrageous and it shows a complete lack of respect for the constitution and the laws of New York State! It is also a waste of taxpayer money!

Right now, strategies are being worked on to awaken the public and urge them to demand the governor and the attorney general to drop their appeal against the New York State Supreme Court ruling against these illegal quarantine camps. Both Governor Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James are up for election in November, but if the African American community and other communities become aware of this regulation and the appeal underway, it could have a big impact on the election.

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