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Movie Buff- Chadwick Boseman, The King who Fought Like a Warrior


By Arpit Nayak

We all carry a fondness for the world of cinema and the people who are connected to it. The occult and composite spheres of cinema are full of inclining and hard work anecdotes. One such inspiring journey was of one of the most ingenious artists of late, Chadwick Boseman. His untimely death was a revelation and setback for fans, peers, and the ordinary too. It gives us an impeccable reality inspection on existence, where we are stuck finding gaiety in avarice and fame, but maybe entity is beyond always that.

A native of South Carolina, Chadwick Boseman engaged us, made us emotional, made us chuckle, and influenced us personally and professionally. In life, one can articulate about negligence, and one can talk about eminence. Chadwick Boseman spoke both artistically.

In this article, I speak about the stunning characters projected and perfected by the elegant actor. The persistent work he did to justify those personas, some of the intuitions on his ability, process, and significance, Boseman has manifested the depth of his indubitable potential.

Graham McNair, ‘Persons Unknown, TV Series (2010-Present) 

“Persons Unknown” (Invisible Ink, 2010-present).

Chadwick Boseman’s journey in acting started from guest appearances in TV shows first. Later, he got his major recurring role on the TV series “Persons Unknown,” which follows a bevy of teenagers who suddenly awake in a strange apparition-town, with no idea of the situation they got in to.

Boseman played one of the lead characters, Sergeant Graham McNair, a prime Marine and a faithful Muslim. Having spent time as a materialist, he finds faith after experience the government’s harsh treatment on terrorists. In this role, he justified his position with the emotion he carries with his toughness. It’s a role where you can’t take your eyes off him out of the whole cast.

Stormin’ Norman, ‘Da 5 Bloods’ (2020)

Boseman in “Da 5 Bloods” (40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, 2020).

“Da 5 Bloods” is directed by Spike Lee. It’s a story about four African American veterans who fought in the Vietnam War, and now have come back to a place, seeking their squad leader’s remains who helped them hide the gold.

Boseman played the role of Stormin’ Norman, a squad leader where he gives a realistic take; his dialogue delivery in this film is exceptional. The way he expressed his emotion through words is something that connected well to viewers.

Thurgood Marshall, ‘Marshall’ (2017)

Boseman as Thurgood Marshall in “Marshall” (Chestnut Ridge Productions, 2017).

Boseman is one actor who has honored real-life American giants by portraying their stories on the big screen. “Marshall” is just another exemplar in a line of such roles. The film chronicles the early career of first African American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, where Chadwick plays the lead role. The film is a tense courtroom drama that centers on the trial of a chauffeur named Joseph Spell, who was accused of rape by his white employer.

One of the fun facts is both Boseman and Marshall both attended Howard University. With his portrayal he nailed this role where you can see he has captured the persona of real-life Thurgood Marshall; the intensity he brought to the role was incredible, and he delivers this critical story with integrity and simplicity.

Andre Davis, ’21 Bridges’ (2019)

Boseman as Andre Davis in “21 Bridges” (AGBO, 2019).

“21 Bridges” was an action thriller that came last year about uncovering a massive conspiracy, where he plays lead Andre Davis, a NYPD detective who joins a citywide hunt for two young cop-killers. As the night gets darker, authorities decide to take severe steps by closing all of Manhattan’s 21 bridges to stop them from escaping.

The film makes it more engaging and gives a right push to the story. Boseman knocked the ball out of the park and gave us an earnest performance, and in his role role showed exceptional commanding on-screen presence.

James Brown, ‘Get on Up’ (2014)

Boseman in “Get on Up” (Imagine Entertainment, 2014).

The film depicts the chronicle of singer James Brown; he arises from utmost poverty to become one of the most prominent music artists in history. The story showed Brown as a man and a brilliant performer, but also does not shy away from portraying him as a manipulative perfectionist.

Portraying an iconic figure isn’t easy, but Boseman totally transformed into James Brown. He expertly navigates the larger-than-life personality that was Brown, nailing every aspect of the role. He apprehends all of the singer’s fireball onstage zeal, dancing on his own, including some of his singing. It solidified Boseman’s abilities as a leading man. He was praised for his electrifying performance, which is among his finest roles to date.

Jackie Robinson, ’42’ (2013)

Boseman as Jackie Robinson in “42″ (Warner Bros., 2013).

42” follow the story of Jackie Robinson, who led the racial integration of Major League Baseball with his historic debut on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Still, the bulk of the story focuses on his relationships with his new teammates. Confronting racism in all ways, his exhibits true spirit, and commendable moderation by not acting in any specific way and letting his unquestionable aptitude quiet the denigrators.

“42” have scenes of Jackie Robinson stealing bases, and Boseman had to film such scenes many times, which led to Boseman doing a base steal 50 times; it shows how hardworking and dedicated he was towards his craft.

At the time, Boseman was a relatively unknown actor, even the wife of Robinson didn’t know him. It was his first significant role. He completely mastered it. He got into the skin of it, and delivered an earnest performance flawlessly.

T’Challa/Black Panther, “Black Panther” (2018)

Boseman in “Black Panther” (Marvel Studios, 2018).

One of the Marvel characters loved worldwide, Black Panther was first a short role in “Captain Americia: Civil War” fighting the Winter Soldier before it got him his first major film. The story is of T’Challa, who returns back to the fictional country Wakanda to take his place as king after his father’s death. The journey of him facing problems from enemies and saving Wakanda is the heart of the story. 

Black Panther” was an astonishing cultural phenomenon upon its arrival, becoming the fourth-highest earning film in domestic Box Office history. One of the facts about the film is that Boseman was selected for the role without the audience, and the decision wasn’t wrong as he owns the part. He did hours of martial arts training and mastered the African accent for the film. 

Chadwick Boseman was boundless talent and a real fighter. Despite having cancer from almost four years he fought it and never let it appear on-screen; he was one of the most diligent actors. And that witness is the excellence and quietness of his entertainment. He believed in being strenuous, and the illimitable moments it could bring. In a short length of just seven years, Boseman played the above-mentioned characters and more, earning his name as one of his generation’s most magnetic screen performers. 

He is no longer present with us; hopefully he is at a good place. One will always sense his ethos and presence in his characters, and whenever one hears the “Wakanda forever” salute.


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