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More from Jo Bottini on Hospital Controversy


If all of the money that has been spent {evaluating, and acquiring
property in the COLA district,  plus the money spent on marketing and
promoting the decision, plus the acquiring of a hired gun (to come in
and make happen what the local MVHS can’t get done)} was spent on
rehabbing the neighborhood, we could have a hospital where it belongs
(Champlin Ave.) and a beautiful COLA neighborhood.

Add to that the revenue from tax based businesses instead of a non-tax
based hospital and “my cup runneth over” would be their new mantra.

Now add onto the cost: asbestos abatement, demolishing buildings,
construction of a power plant, construction of a heliport(?), replacing
the infrastructure, replacing of the police complex (or part thereof)
and the coffers would overflow.

I know a thing or two, because I have seen a thing or two.  I don’t know
everything, because I have not seen everything.

But I know  a lack of common sense when I see it.

I guess, “doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do”
does not require a high academic status, just a level of moral courage.

Yes, courage, honesty, integrity, nobility, statesman(woman)ship, and a
sense of pride in doing what your heart tells you is best for all
concerned are attributes of a magnanimous person who has a high degree
of moral fiber in one’s DNA.

This decision, originally dictated by Albany has diminished democracy to
a dangerous low in Oneida County .

Democracy would dictate a modicum of people involvement, such as a
referendum would provide.

Of course, this might not be a pure exercise in citizenship involvement
because most folks have been “brainwashed” by MVHS and their lackeys
with a high-powered promotion and marketing program. Lies, half-truths
and exaggerated information has been floating about the county for the
past four years, super-saturating the minds of many citizens with “used
oats” as information.

America, we hardly knew you before the rascal politicians took over the
power of the people.

Today the COLA district; tomorrow a city that at one time was the envy
of people around the nation.

There are instances in history of leaders doing the same thing with
whole nations.

All too soon, government usurps the rights/privileges of the taxpayers
and a form of right extremest or left extremest socialism is in power.

Unless each of us exercises our privilege of “having a voice” we will
lose the cherished possession of being able to speak one’s mind.

Disagreement with one’s elected officials (in a constructive, polite
manner) is the bedrock of a democratic-republic such as America.

Fear of reprisal is not a factor in a democracy.

Of course, this is all easy for me to say because I don’t have a dog in
the hunt.

This makes it open for me to clearly see  the right thing to do.

Real courage is manifested in the actions of those who have skin in the

You have my prayers for courage and moral clarity.

Joe Bottini


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