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Local: Assemblywoman Buttenschon Discusses Legislation Signed by Gov. Hochul to Stop Catalytic Converter Thefts

As of January 1, 2023, new state requirements will impose restrictions on selling catalytic converters and require all qualified dealerships to maintain records of ownership of the equipment. The bill, A1940e, sponsored by Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon (D-C, Utica Rome) will amend the Vehicle and Traffic law. 

“This law, approved by the Assembly, State Senate and signed by Governor Hochul, will give law enforcement more resources and tools to protect our community. It will also ensure necessary record-keeping and documentation for catalytic converters to help prevent thieves from reselling the materials,” said Buttenschon. “Over the past year, the theft of catalytic converters has increased dramatically and is a nationwide issue. The equipment contains three precious metals; platinum, palladium and rhodium. A stolen converter can be sold for hundreds of dollars and cost the consumer thousands to replace. I am proud to see the bill I sponsored become law in New York State.” 

State Senator Joe Griffo said, “There have been several instances where individuals have stolen catalytic converters from vehicles in parking lots, at businesses and in driveways. These thefts can create potentially dangerous consequences and can lead to expensive repairs for residents and business owners who did nothing wrong. I am hopeful that this legislation will deter thieves from stealing catalytic converters and help law enforcement investigating the theft of these devices.”

“The franchised new car dealers throughout New York would like to express their appreciation to Governor Hochul and the bill sponsors (Assemblywoman Buttenschon and Senator Savino) for putting this bill forward in an effort to address the growing problem with catalytic converter thefts.  Disrupting the flow of stolen catalytic converters into the secondary market, and offering consumers an opportunity to serialize their converter, is a step in the right direction.” Brian McAreavy, President, Rochester Automobile Dealers Association.

Utica businessman Joe Masterangelo contacted a variety of state lawmakers following repeated thefts of catalytic converters from his business. “Assemblywoman Buttenschon followed up with me on a Sunday, learned about the issue and started the ball rolling in Albany. Two years later, we have a bill signed by the Governor. It won’t completely solve the problem, but it’s a good start and I thank the Assemblywoman for her efforts. “ 

Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Grant Garramone, who worked on the legislation with Assemblywoman Buttenschon noted “The theft of catalytic converters comes with a high cost to the vehicle owner. This law will help close down some of this illegal trade and assist law enforcement in their efforts to combat the issue”.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol praised the efforts of Assemblywoman Buttenschon who worked to get this legislation passed and signed by Governor Hochul. “ Assemblywoman Buttenschon took a concern of a local business owner, found a significant need for legislation to curb the theft of catalytic converters and worked to get this issue addressed.” 

Assemblywoman Buttenschon was joined at today’s news conference by Captain Jason Place, New York State Police; Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara, Oneida County ADA Grant Garramone; Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol; Lt. Howard Brodt, Utica Police Department; Chief Dave Collins, Rome Chief of Police; Lt. Sharon Rude, Rome Police Department; Senior Investigator Jeff Pierce, Department of Motor Vehicles: Joe Masterangelo, Masterangelo Truck Refinishers.

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