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Letter to the Editor: Join Indivisible Mohawk Valley

by Sarah Reeske

Clinton, New York

While many of your neighbors were thrilled at the rise of Donald Trump into the White House in November 2016, many were equally as pissed off. While they may feel like a blue dot in a red sea, they weren’t going to just sit on the couch and scream at the screen all day. They found one another and organized together. They learned to channel their emotion into impactful action. In Oneida and lower Herkimer counties, they formed Indivisible Mohawk Valley.

Indivisible Mohawk Valley is a group of concerned citizens who self-organize around events and projects that strengthen our bonds and community with one another while standing up peacefully and non-violently to the destructive, corrupt, and undemocratic forces in American politics. They are dedicated to championing social justice, to working to support progressive values, and to electing progressive candidates to office at every level of government. They are a civic engagement and political activism community with the goal of making political activism bite size, local, and fun.

Learn more about and join Indivisible Mohawk Valley if you’re ready to use your power for good, impact local, state, and federal politics, help your community and connect with like-minded friends.

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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