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July Letters to the Editor: Regina S. Kekis

Dear Editor:

It’s time to move on Voting Rights Legislation

The most American image I can visualize is all citizens peacefully, happily lining up to vote. I grew up believing that would always be the embodiment of our democracy. Unfortunately, it is becoming a fantasy as the assault on voting rights continues.

Forty-eight states introduced hundreds of voter suppression bills in an effort to prevent communities from participating in elections. Many of these bills will make voting more difficult by; limiting ballot drop boxes and polling places, reducing early voting days, hours, and restricting the access to mail-in ballots. Many of these anti-democratic bills have already become law. Some laws in Texas and Georgia will give legislators the right to change the voice of the people.

It is past time for the Senate to pass S.1. and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. These Federal voting rights protections will guarantee every citizen the right to vote. They will ensure that every vote is counted and that legislators cannot take away the voice of voters by refusing their vote.

We cannot sit idly and let our most sacred right as citizens be limited or canceled. Call your senators today and urge them to pass these critically important bills.

Regina S. Kekis

Rome NY

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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