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Endorsement for Stanislaus

Attorney Karen J. Stanislaus is our best choice to fill the vacancy; left by  the Hon. James R. Griffith’s retirement, for Oneida County Family Court Judge. While etiquette and ethics bars judges from endorsing candidates- staff choice speaks volumes and Ms. Stanislaus served as Principal Court Attorney to Hon. Griffin in the Rome and Utica Family Court system.  While she’s grateful for being mentored and guided with the time spent in Family Court by Judge Griffith, she is currently an appointed Court Attorney Referee serving Onondaga County Family Court- where she is assigned to hear, decide and issue orders in cases where she reports her recommendation to a Family Court judge.

Ms. Stanislaus’s breadth of experience is unrivaled in this election. Not only is she presently working within the framework of the Family Court system; she has represented clients in family court before judges as an attorney at Felt Evans, LLP, in Clinton;-> In other words she knows and respects both sides of the isle- both from a lawyer perspective and from a judicial perspective.

Speaking of perspective- imagine you’re the grandparent attempting to secure visitation rights to stay connected in your grandchildren’s lives because of a messy break-up with one the parents; or you’re a father who deserves full custody of his children; or a litigant seeking dissolution of a civil-union; or a woman who was a stay at home mom and the lions share of income is controlled by the soon to be ex-husband. What these scenarios all have in common is Love and Fear and the absolute need to be able to come before a judge who is fair, competent and compassionate in their ability to issue a decision that will forgo the path of least resistance and will ensure rulings that achieve comprehensive compassionate solutions.

Attorney Stanislaus has two fundamental promises: She will decide cases fairly and impartially, free of political influence or intimidation; And regardless of her personal view- she will follow the law because a judge must be fair to All parties involved in cases before the bench.
“KAREN FOR KIDS”  is just that. Please Vote for Karen Stanislaus as the next Oneida County Family Court Judge on November 2nd- [early voting begins October 23rd]. Tell everyone to vote for her- if you know love of family and fear that it can unjustly ever be taken from you- Attorney Stanislaus believes in the power of justice when upheld by the principles of democracy.

Shelly Gardner, Rome


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