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Column: ‘The Art of Being Yourself’

By Arpit Nayak | Contributor 

In the human heart and mind are among the most important things. We often talk about the things that shape our minds and spirit and discuss the changes for betterment. Mostly we embrace stuff from somewhere. While we ask others many questions, do we ask ourselves the same questions? While we crave to talk to others, do we equally crave to interact with our inner us? While all these questions may sound much, they will pay attention to them and think it’s an essential part of one’s journey, which we call life.

One of the most inventive and intrepid journeys anyone can take is to learn who we are and live a life that is accurate to our genuine selves. I feel it’s one of the crucial arts: The art of being yourself.

The journey starts when we embrace the inclination that says the need to conform is spurious and that it fails to serve us or even those around us. It is due to what we have seen, read, or listened to about someone’s life or work of any exceptional personality, visionary, or thought leader. If one considers it closely, some people are different, while most try to be them.

One thing that is quite evident and common in this sort of people is that they are accurately original thinkers. A prime distinction; is their acceptance of there-self, and they learned to value their uniqueness rather than conceal it and conform. They are not necessarily trying to be dissimilar; they are trying to be their original self.

Intriguingly, most people admire the idea of being original. Still, most of them can’t do it by following the path of others. They wish to be on the glory side, to be seen as different. Still, they look outside for originality instead of inspecting within themselves. We can see a typical example in the fashion world, where most people try to follow another style instead of finding their own. Also, many people try to follow the same foot-step as influential people. Still, they never get the same; the reason is nothing but a lack of originality from within. 

Every one of us is born to be different. To have a genuinely remarkable life, we need to embrace what makes us unique rather than impersonate it. The challenge is that conforming is effortless. When we think of it, fitting in is simple, requiring no effort to fill your mind with general messages, for which one doesn’t have to use conscious thought. It’s one of the reasons most people are okay keeping their heads down and just fitting in. People who are committed to a life of discovery and self-growth know that our path is more challenging. Although it takes to an afar gratifying and thrilling existence journey, many people wish for it. Many might not be aware of this, but this mindset also can be called “equanimity,” which means you will not be affected by the things that occur outside you. 

The original you is true you, so don’t lose it – Arpit Nayak  

Many struggle with the crucial question of how to apply it in our daily lives and today’s time. There is no formula for it; you must be your authentic self in each moment possible. 

The primary and essential step in being yourself is knowing about yourself. If someone does not know themselves, they first have to explore perspective and should take help from the near ones for their input. It is also an iterative process as we go deeper into perceptions and misinterpretations to the core of ourselves. This process is long and requires a lot of commitment and patience. Uncovering yourself involves knowing and describing yourself, fixing clashing values, not living in the past, and focusing on your robustness. You must know yourself best and be fair to it first and accept it for what it is.

The critical part of self-scrutiny is learning to be authentic and hold and cherish the things that make you genuine. Also, when negative thoughts start heavy in your mind, try to let go of what you can’t change now. Be the purest to yourself, don’t try to infect by situations and responses, and focus entirely on admiration and zeal. Try to think about what you wish and do it; it sure is not easy, but worth it. I call this means disestablishing myself from myself if you keep thinking about the worst moment of the past and hoping it will change when you know it can’t try to let it go.  

While many of these things may sound a lot, if we think about it profoundly and try to take a small step toward being ourselves, we can surely master this art of being ourselves. It’s completely fine to be inspired or motivated by accomplished people; one should adopt it, considering their true self. It’s essential to be original rather than unoriginal in life; people may like you or may not, but you will be delighted within yourself. It’s vital to remember that you can never fail to try to be yourself; if you are not okay with the way you are, then it’s unfair to expect it out of others. So be proud of who you are, try to be little you each moment, and get inspired and adopted to be true to yourself. 

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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