What Does Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ Do To You?

By Pete Bianco Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In the last few years she has focused her attention on studying the way glyphosate, one...

America and New York State – For Hemp!

By Natalie M. Williams There has been much talk in New York State regarding Marihuana and Hemp Legalization. “Mary Jane”; also known as ‘the sister of man’ has traveled with humanity for millennia. As a...

A Royal Welcome

By David Dancy Photos by Thomas E. Loughlin Jr. On Friday, July 28, 2017, For The Good Inc. (FTG) presented to the community  an event of monumental, historical, cultural importance. For the first time in the...
Cassandra Harris Lockwood and the Cornhill Community Gardeners harvesting produce, September 2023

Utica’s Hunger Games; Will indifference, incompetence, or inattention cost Cornhill its community garden?

How Utica's inner city minority community is fighting to save its decades-old neighborhood green space from an out-of-town developer who surreptitiously acquired the land from the county by Ron Klopfanstein On September 7th, 2022, Cassandra Harris...

Community Development Please

By Cassandra Harris-Lockwood In a community where at least 40% of the population lives in, at or near the poverty line, no amount of nano or economic development is going to change the populace or...

Feel like you have the flu? Here’s what you should do

UTICA, NY – As the number of local flu cases increases so too is the concern about what to do if you think you’re getting the flu. “Flu is easily spread and with this particularly...

Community Garden’s Need You to Grow

By David Dancy It’s early July and Utica’s first and best urban, raised bed garden is thriving. For The Good’s Community Garden’s located on Linwood Pl. and Jay St are in need of people to...

Planting with Purpose: Growing your Virus Time Victory Garden

  Morrisville, NY – Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County (CCE MC) is introducing a new program, targeted towards new and beginning garden growers. After seeing the success of a garden program in another county...

Green Waste Pick-up

City of Utica 1 Kennedy Plaza Utica NY 13502 315-792-0100                  Green Waste pickup in the City of Utica will end for the season on Friday, December 15th

Students Taking Action: The Utica March For Our Lives

By Maggie Parker, Photo by Sylvia DeSwaan On Saturday, March 24th, hundreds of thousands of people nationwide, even worldwide, took to the streets with signs and chants to convey a clear message. That as students,...