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Aaron Rodgers returns to his cocoon

Get over yourself already, Aaron.

Get over yourself already, Aaron.Image: Getty Images

I guess it’s surprising that we didn’t find out that Aaron Rodgers was a galaxy-brained dope earlier, given all that is there to protect him from his own idiocy. We could have written his postgame press conference yesterday by memory, given how often we have heard similar after a player does something dumb that costs them time on the field.

Rodgers certainly didn’t hesitate to remind everyone that he’ll just take his ball and go home, with his “don’t take this for granted” bullshit. It’s amazing in its predictability that Packers fans forgot that Rodgers tried to wet the bed so much that Green Bay would be forced to get rid of him just as soon as it lined up as contenders again. Returning from a bout of COVID and tin foil hat’d truthisms was always going to be a breeze. Much like anything else that Rodgers has done the past 10 days, he did it to himself and isn’t taking any ownership of that.

Because who’s going to make him pay for it? The NFL didn’t. Packers fans roared as soon as he was back on the field. None of his teammates called him out for making them less safe all season, or endangering who knows how many people’s safety with his rants from Rogania. In fact, he got to use them as props to excuse his actions, mentioning their support and messages. The press merely lobbed him softballs about why he was emotional after Green Bay’s win. So he’s allowed to just call it a “polarizing issue,” when all it is is people who want to be past this pandemic, actually think of someone else on occasion, and morons. He got to list everything short of his latest girlfriend assuring all of us he’s good at sex.

Rodgers was allowed to portray his past 10 days as some sort of burden that he had to carry, or, worse yet, was saddled with. This was all his doing, but no one’s going to tell him that, because, clearly, no one has told Rodgers anything in a very long time. It’s why he’s tried to be hired as the GM as well as play quarterback the past few years, though he could go emo enough to go somewhere else, and then go and say whatever he wants about whatever he wants without criticism. And then he can dismiss the criticism, because he’ll spend the rest of his days where he’s not being questioned at all. When a rant from Terry Bradshaw is the worst consequence, it’s probably not enough.

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But hey, everyone gets their “overcoming” story, which they’re conditioned to write from memory as well.

Sid Vicious

Sidney Crosby returned to the ice and probably should be taken off it for a while but almost certainly won’t be:

This obviously isn’t a hockey play, or anything resembling one, it’s just dangerous and reckless at best, an attempt to injure at worst. But he’s Sidney Crosby, so maybe a fine for tomorrow’s lunch tab? That’s probably the best people can hope for.


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