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A Look Back at the 2021 New York State Fair—One Shining Moment

Bond theme singer blasts out of 18-month pandemic tour hiatus with a slick, energetic show at Chevy Court. – By Tom Loughlin, Jr.

Syracuse – New York State Fair 9/1/2021

Sheena Easton, a two-time Grammy Award-winning Scots-born singer/songwriter who gained world fame with her James Bond theme, “For Your Eyes Only,” erupted from an 18-month-long tour-canceling pandemic hiatus with a dazzling performance displaying every aspect of her vocal ranger as well as her masterful stage presence.

A vigorous sexagenarian, Easton’s accolades include two Grammy awardnominations, five U.S. gold, and one platinum album, seven U.S. top 10’s on the Billboard Chart with one #1, “Morning Train.” Performing professionally since 1981, she has 20 million record sales to her credit.

Early in the performance, Easton told the audience that her tour hiatus had given her a pause to think about how she should present herself when her tour restarted. In a humorous concession to the passage of time, Easton volunteered that she was now “spanks” equipped, adding that she had considered adopting a more “age-appropriate” effect, perhaps in the mold of Julie Andrews

Easton then did a chirpy Andrews imitation with a trill, much to the crowd’s delight.

With a dismissive stage wave, Easton then told the audience that after all that, she’d decided to “just be herself.”

The “herself” who then took over the Chevy Court stage was an Easton who could “belt it out” or purr, sing the blues convincingly, admonish men for objectifying women with her, “Strut, Pout, Put It Out” lyric then turn about and put them on a pedestal with “When He Shines.”

An oscilloscope couldn’t have discovered an off-pitch note, with her dazzling highs unwavering.

The conversational duets held with male band members in a “mashup” of “You’ve Got the Look,” “Sugar Walls” and Easton’s other chart hits, were hitch-free.

The high energy offerings transitioned into her #1 international hit, “Morning Train” with audience members, especially a well-versed fan group in the front two rows, swaying metronomically to the song’s rhythm.

The diminutive Scots powerhouse then topped her show package with a “James Bond” bow leaving each individual audience member convinced that she had been there “For THEIR Eyes (and Ears) Only”


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