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50 Forward Mohawk Valley offering “Matter of Balance” class

UTICA, NY – 50 Forward Mohawk Valley will be hosting their Matter of Balance class at the First United Methodist Church of New Hartford beginning July 11 and running through August 29. Matter of Balance is an evidence passed class that was designed to help older adults view falls as controllable. This class will help participants reduce their fear of falling and improve their activity levels. Other topics covered will include home safety, identifying physical risk factors for falls, personal action planners, and more.

Participants will learn about the importance of exercise in preventing falls and practice exercises to improve strength, coordination, and balance. Participants will also conduct home safety evaluations and learn to get up and down safely. Please reach out to Bambi at 50 Forward MV if you are interested in this class at (315) 223-3973 ext. 114 or browland@50forwardmv.org.



For over 60 years, 50 Forward Mohawk Valley has been committed to providing programs and services to individuals 50+, empowering them to live healthy vibrant lives. For more information on 50 Forward MV, please visit www.50forwardmv.org or call 315-223-3973.

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