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White House announcer appears to skip Harris at infrastructure signing

The White House’s announcer at President Biden’s signing ceremony of the bipartisan infrastructure bill appeared to skip Vice President Harris’ turn to speak following a disastrous CNN report on her.

Harris appeared to be passed over at the White House signing ceremony, with the event announcer introducing union political activist Heather Kurtenbach as the vice president stood at the podium.

“In a moment,” Harris quipped after the apparent snub.


The snub is very likely a flub, but it nevertheless served as a metaphor for Harris’ current travails, coming just a day after a CNN report that her office is facing internalized dysfunction and an absence of focus and that President Biden’s aides were fed up with hers.

Conservatives on Twitter were quick to take jabs at Harris over it, with many continuing the comparison of the vice president to fictional Vice President Selena Meyer from the hit HBO show “Veep.”

The Tea Party blasted the Harris version of the sitcom as “painful to watch,” while House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s communications aide Michelle Exner predicted, “We will get another late night tweet from Jen Psaki trying to quell rumors that ‘there is no dysfunction’ between POTUS/VP offices.”

Journalist Jerry Dunleavy wrote that he was “excited to watch the version of this with the Veep credits/music,” while Steve Guest with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joked that “Kamala Harris wants Kamala Harris to be recognized.”

Other conservatives online weighed in, too, with Republican communicator Matt Whitlock writing that the vice president “can’t catch a break.”

The incident came the day after CNN’s revealing report on the vice president’s office operations.

Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure package into law on Monday after months of negotiations.

A spokesperson for Harris pointed Fox News to tweets from vice presidential staff as well as White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s tweet defending the vice president’s “vital role” in the administration.



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