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Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica announces upcoming service

UU Utica Service Description

Solstice Service
December 19, 2021
Carol Gable

December 19’s service will be a celebration of Winter Solstice, a pagan tradition grounded in a respect and reverence for the natural world.  Hearing from several voices, we will cast a circle honoring the four directions as we embrace the coming darkness and prepare for winter’s rest.  The longest night of the year and season of winter are an important time of  reflection, rest, and renewal, let us welcome it.

Carol Gable has been a UU celebrating Solstice for almost 30 years, beginning in the Rocky Mountains of  Montana, then later Vermont and New York.  She currently lives in Utica and serves as the Associate VP for Finance at Hamilton College and President of the Board for UU Utica.

Services online via Zoom at 10:30 AM 
Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica
Please join us at 10:30am on https://zoom.us/j/368701920 Meeting ID: 368 701 920, Password 548638 and find more information at uuutica.org

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