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Time to Dream Again with The Dream Team

by Pete Bianco

The Dream Team has a goal of reaching one million people across the world to dream again. Whatever your goal is, Ken Pollard and the mentors of The Dream Team will help you reach your goal.

Lost Dreams

People in the inner city have been diminished to playing defense or just getting by in survival mode and that is not how people were intended to live. When we are young we all have dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. These are big dreams of what type of life we want to have.

But when people get older their dreams get diminished they move into survival mode. People get laid off and are living day by day just trying to survive. And this is the way a lot of people are living. And we shouldn’t be living that way.

The Dream Team offers a type of mentoring for people. They cultivate trust with those they work with. And people begin to talk about what is going on in their lives. Mentors gradually teach people to live again, to dream again to have goals. Without goals, without hope, without a dream … there is really no reason to wake up in the morning.

That is the state of affairs for many in the inner city.


The Dreams Team is not just for people with a low income. There are many people who do have a lot of money but they still don’t have a dream, they still don’t have goals. In this area people want to stay small. Also there are people who earn a good salary but spend more than they earn and they are just as stressed as those who don’t have an income because they spend more than they make.

For example a person may have an income of $30,000. This can allow them to spend an additional $20,000 with credit cards. People live through those credit cards. But
when it comes time to pay the credit card bills there is no way of paying it, and so there is a lot of stress. And the leading cause of divorce is because of financial difficulties. So The Dream Team wants to help people to understand what is causing difficulty in their lives and how to overcome that so that you can be a better father, a better uncle, a better mother, a better sister, a better human being. And that all starts with the way you think.

The Hip-Hop industry promotes artists who promote spending money on shoes and gold chains. It is a trick to encourage people to spend more money than they have rather than save and open businesses. Additionally the Hip-Hop industry teaches you to demean women an glorifies criminal activity. Advertising and marketing trick us into pursuing false dreams and going into debt. Mentors will help us see the trick. Knowledge is power.


In public school they are teaching us to get in line, don’t think, just receive orders. The information offered is out-dated. Financial responsibility is not covered in school. Many living in the inner city do not understand the importance of a credit score. But this score will dictate where you live, what kind of car you drive, what kind of house you get, and what amount of interest you will have to pay for that house. This can make a difference of hundreds and thousands of dollars on interest rates.

College is good if you specialize, not if you generalize. General Studies is a waste of your time and money. Time is so much more valuable than money. You can make more money, you can’t make more time.

Who is this for?

Everybody qualifies. Usually people hear about The Dream Team by word of mouth. When you are asked by a member of The Dream Team, “How is your day?” they really want to know the answer and see how can they help you if you need help.

There is an explanation that those who are struggling are in that situation due to generational curses. The Dream Team sees this not as curses but instead as generational habits and that many in the community do the same thing day after day, year after year expecting something to change but it doesn’t. Whatever you are afraid to do: do that right now and get it out of the way. Face your fears, you can’t have faith and fear at the same time. The Dream Teams solution is that once you change the way you think you will change the way you live.


Many people just need some advice and for someone to tell them, “you are valuable.” A lot of people look in the mirror and don’t see any value. When you don’t value yourself it is impossible to value anyone else. That is where all of these homicides come in. There are no fees for the service with The Dream Team because they want people to become better people. “If I’m feeling good about myself and you’re feeling good about yourself, there is no way we are going to get in a fight. We want people to understand, I am important, I am valuable.”

How are people mentored?

The Dream Team does a lot of one on one work, but also once a month or twice a month they have everybody come together. It is important to come together with like minded people. When you are attempting to change your life and don’t feel supported it is easy to go back to doing what those around you are doing.


Some people in the black community criticize Pollard because he teaches people to get the knowledge and get out of the hood. Some think he is making people sell-outs. He argues you are not a sell-out by leaving. Why would you want to stay in an environment where you know you can’t go out at night time? People want to rob you. People want to kill you. Why would you want to stay there?

Leave the environment, come back and teach someone else to leave the environment. If someone is compelled to stay in the hood they should do their best to make it safe for women, children, and senior citizens.


Wealthy people have delayed gratification, they think down the road, 5 years, 10 years, and you can’t do that when you’re in survival mode. If no one will give you a job- create your own. Think outside the box. Be creative. The way you create a job is to add value to someone. Ultimately its not about money. Its about adding value to someone’s life, then the money will come. Who are the most creative? Homeless people- they find a way to eat every single day. Eric Thomas was homeless, his mother convinced him that he was valuable, then he went to get GED. A mentor told him he is valuable. He went to get his PhD. Now he is the #1 motivational speaker in world.


We want to break generational poverty, and generational diabetes. We have to teach people there is a different way, there is a better way. The reason that people end up in prison is that they do not realize that they have choices. We need to make them realize that they do have choices. There are no excuses. We help people with legal problems on a case-by-case basis.

Food and Nutrition

We teach about food and nutrition. Marketing and advertisers prey on people in low-income communities making them unhealthy. Fast food and tobacco are marketed more heavily in the city neighborhoods. In the suburbs healthier food is marketed and its harder to purchase cigarettes.

A Better World

Our product is a better person. If trauma is your obstacle you need to heal from their trauma first. We don’t concentrate on your disability, but on your ability.

The Dream Team attempts to give you whatever you ask for. They will guide people to services. And urge people don’t stay in the comfort-zone, keep striving. Think positive and not negative, work together as one unit. We are created to be interdependent, not independent. Every situation has to be a win-win, not how I can do better AND you can do better on every deal. That way, a bond is formed between both parties- a trust. Creating a world where people trust each other is a step toward world peace.

This program is across the country. Our goal is to reach one million people across the world. Our main goal is to change your thought process – to make you feel valuable.

You can reach Ken Pollard at kenpollard59@yahoo.com or by phone at 315-542-4464. Videos available: Finances, How to be a better father, How to be a better person, Conflict resolution


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