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The Ghetto Courts I know…

By Natalie M. Williams

Commentaries regarding the Utica City Court –

My witness of the goings on in Utica, New York have led me to conclude this: The police powers of the State – have been corrupted; and used to become a fearsome weapon to hound it’s very citizens.

In the cases before you, let us acknowledge that Natalie Williams legally acted against the aggressive action of individuals, who she has described as ‘thieving landlords’. In her view, the Police, Judges, Marshal’s and the Courts In the Utica City Court ‘system’; do seem to ‘support’ the status quo – and themselves; through the issuance of tickets, violations, misdemeanors and criminal charges.

As these result in fines being paid by defendants; and in arrests – which drive the wheel and crank the gears of the ever unwieldy prison industrial complex in today’s America – I pause; and take notice of the similarities to what Judge Sal Whatchler had described in the 1990’s as ‘The Ghetto Courts’.

This judicial apparatus, this employment force for lawyers, court personnel, guards, social workers, and the like; this behemoth – is directed and designed such that ‘the house always wins’ and the system always ‘gets paid’. The targets – are always chosen by exploiters for their weaknesses.

Here, they find a subset of the population to focus on. A quick look at the criminal courtroom audience on any day in the City of Utica succinctly tells the story. Those ensnared are confined mainly to the African American and immigrant communities.

My honest assertions and pro se status regarding my defense; has been of note in the Utica City Court. Throughout my experiences with the Civil and Criminal Courts, I have been encouraged to ‘come to an agreement between the parties’ or ‘make deals’; all of which do not serve my interests.

I would rather stand up against these bullies – in all of their forms.

These overt challenges to ‘the Powers that Be’ have; in effect – created a backlash that has forced upon them a small measure of shame. The truthful and impartial witness to certain events is held in police custody. It is the video files – dash cam, body cam and holding cell video taken by the UPD. I have requested a Judge’s supoena for them. My previous simple demand to produce these for the defense has thus far been ignored.

Bench trials and a jury trail have been demanded by the defense in order to get justice through the proper & established rules of the court. While this may cause resentments from parties which simply want to ‘get paid’ by ‘making a deal’; I shall have none of that.

Nothing about this process engenders my trust.

The trails will take time; but I remind all that this is the core mission of the court. The parties must be heard. Certain machinations of the ‘system’ have been revealed to me from my nuanced view ‘inside’. As a ‘pro se’, who is investigative and observant by nature; I note that there seems to be resentments from public defender lawyers, police,  administrators and even judges; for my challenges eshewing their practices.

Ms. Williams has been compelled to demand correction by a multitude of ‘bad actors’ who seem to feel that she is ‘exposing’ the Marshall’, the police & the courts. Some have expressed that she is ‘wasting the courts time’; and ‘slowing the money flow’, due to her demands for fair and speedy trails.

To these, I remind them that the court system was designed to meet out justice and protect against tyranny; in all of it’s forms.


@ January 2019 Natalie M. Williams



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