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Starting A Business in America-Your First Impression is the Only Impression!

By Dr. Pat Laino

Frequently, I meet aspiring entrepreneurs who are in the midst of developing their Business Plan to start-up a business and become their own boss. They have identified a great product or service and know that their customers can’t live without it, so they are now ready to launch their operations.

Right up front is the time for every budding entrepreneur to establish their “winning” image of success in the eyes of the public and especially their customers. Your image must radiate success from day one and give the impression that your operation is indeed successful. How this is accomplished is through different strategies, depending on whether you are home-based or located in a busy mall. If you are going to start your business by being based at home, then your public image must be reflected in fine business cards and letterhead stationery, a sharp logo and unique signage on your business vehicle. You will need to identify an outside site to meet with a customer that is classy, elegant and reflects that you are, indeed, a successful business owner.

I often say that the first impression is the only impression a customer will make about your business image and it will be either poor or great. You have no second chance on a first impression. Your business image is all “wrapped” up in your “packaging”. This means that the major visible sign that you first portray must be one of wealth, prosperity, and unquestionable success. You have to appear that you are “flying with the winners”.

I remained home-based for three years in order to save money so that one day I could open the finest office. Until that time, my business cards were elegant, I walked and talked the part of success and no one knew the difference. In my customers’ eyes, they firmly believed that I was successful! I met with my customers downtown in an elegant hotel and conference center. In order to pull this off, I talked the hotel manager into giving me the use of an elegant small conference room whenever I needed it, in return for two free stress workshops a year for her employees. This arrangement continued until I had sufficient money from my profits to lease one of their beautiful offices. Yes, I opened with the indisputable image of a highly successful business right in the heart of the city where I remain to this day! One of my original entrepreneur students, who went on to become a successful interior designer, decorated our site that brought fabulous reviews at our grand opening. My entire operation continues to reflect success and this has made us truly a successful business.

In addition to securing your site, you must consider all of your Initial start-up costs. These expenses are what it takes to start-up a first-class business operation. I shopped around. My initial office furnishings were acquired from a business that closed. I purchased these at seventy percent of the original costs and they all looked like new. Initially, I leased my office equipment because money was tight and these expenses were spread out over time. The maintenance fees were also included in my equipment lease. It also covered any unexpected repair costs. I have found that leasing major equipment has been cost-effective throughout the years by doing comparison cost studies.

Start-up expenses include lease costs, computer hardware and software, office supplies, your telephone and computer system, liability insurance costs, signage, legal fees, costs of any licenses, loan repayments and initial advertisement costs are only a few of your financial outlays. Identify these costs before you even open your doors to ensure that you have the funds to effectively start-up your operations because when you start-up there is no time for additional concerns. If you want more of my start-up secrets you can find these in “Unlock the American Dream’” found on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.


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