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Rally to Save Post Office

By Dawn LaGuerre

New Hartford, NY – On Saturday, fifty-five demonstrators organized by Indivisible Mohawk Valley and SEIU-1199 held a peaceful rally to draw attention to Trump mega-donor Louis DeJoy’s actions to slow down mail delivery, undermine confidence in the November election, and harm postal union workers. This rally was one of about 800 nationwide rallies calling for the removal of Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General, for the restoration of the cuts already made to critical funding and infrastructure, and for providing any needed overtime funds necessary to handle vote by mail ballots in the November election.
While DeJoy has said that he will not make further cuts to postal services, he has not agreed to undo the damage of recent cuts which have slowed down mail and reduced the number of blue mailboxes. Postal workers are dedicated to delivering mail in a timely fashion but need the resources to do so, and citizens deserve a Postmaster General who works for them, not for Donald Trump.
“We’re extremely concerned about the effect of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s downsizing of the US Postal Service,” Deborah Wilson-Allam said. “The increasing threat of COVID-19 makes it even more critical that vulnerable Americans can receive their mail in a timely way. Americans need to be able to receive medications and exercise their right to vote by mailing in absentee ballots.”
“We cannot let the Post Office be privatized, or politicized, or slowed down”, Jacquelynn Leisos of Utica said” This is a time of a pandemic. There are a lot of veterans and seniors who get their medications by mail.”
This event was sponsored by Indivisible Mohawk Valley and SEIU-1199.
Indivisible Mohawk Valley is a grassroots group of concerned citizens who embrace progressive values.

Visit their website for more information: IndivisibleMV.org
SEIU-1199 is a union of healthcare workers. You can find more about them by visiting Facebook.com/1199UpstateNY


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