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Owner of cat lounge and cafe warns others of scam

Josh Davis spends most of his days in his kitchen. That’s because he’s the main chef at his recently opened restaurant, Luna Cafe.

“It’s all about running the business, doing all the operations, making sure staff is following all the proper procedures,” said Davis.

The cat lounge and cafe opened at the end of August. His inspiration comes from Japan and his cat, Luna.

“The food is amazing. I’ve had it,” said staff member Kayla Wojtalewski. “I say that everybody that I’ve recommended it to has come here and loved it.”

As a new business operator, Davis is still trying to get things right when it comes to food prep, staff scheduling and customer flow. He was just getting the swing of things when he got hit with an unexpected loss.

“I’m usually really good. I’ve never been scammed. I’ve been in banking, with social media. I know how to handle scams, but this one was beyond sophisticated,” said Davis.

He was scammed into giving banking information to what he thought was National Grid threatening to disconnect him. It’s a scam that’s impacted many people across upstate New York, according to National Grid, which is warning customers to be vigilant.

Davis ended up losing about $4,000.

“It’s wildly embarrassing. It’s the one-two punch of it, being embarrassing and the financial hit,” he said.

After it happened, he shared it on social media, hoping to help someone else avoid the scam. He was quickly flooded with responses from people who had been scammed and wanted to help out.

“The’ve made me feel a lot better about it, which helps with the emotional toll. You can fix financial, but the emotional part damages you a bit,” said Davis.

In less than a week, people donated more than $1,500 to the cafe. Despite the major setback, Davis is moving forward with new ideas to get the business back on its feet.

He plans to hold more events and add new menu items and specials to encourage more business.

The cafe is open 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

Most of the cats found through Luna Cafe are adoptable. The cafe has partnered with CNY Cat Coalition and recently adopted out their very first cat.



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