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Opinions & Letters To the  Editor Page

Opinions & Letters To the  Editor Page


Reale Deal for New Hartford


   Whatever your color, background, or zip code, we all want our communities in Oneida County to thrive with happy families, strong local businesses and great education. It is important to me that the voices of residents are heard where big decisions are being made, whether that be about storm water mitigation, or the sales tax rate.

    This year New Hartford voters will go to the polls and a familiar name that has been on the ballot for 35 years will be missing, as a long standing public servant retires his post. This is an opportunity for new leadership. We an elect a young woman who is forward thinking, accessible and is committed to what legislators need to do with laser focus. That person is me, Caroline Reale, and I am running to represent District 15 in the county legislature. I can bring the perspective of young families to the table because as a mom of three, I’ve experienced first hand how the county government can affect the lives of children. Local policy making needs to be more transparent and free from conflict of interest. If elected I will make a positive impact on future economic development, environmental preservation and public health and safety. Be assured that every vote I take will be moving New Hartford forward towards our vision together. Vote for me, Caroline Reale, on November 2nd or during early voting on October 23rd-31st.

              Caroline Reale,  New Hartford

Viagra and Phamacological Racism 

   I have done some research on Sildenaphil, otherwise known as Viagra.

  Basically, it is effective in treating menstrual cramps, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.  It works far better than the standard treatments currently offered; but due to it’s ability to increase blood flow to the penis, it was marketed for “ erectile dysfunction”.

  Billions of dollars were made, serving the “needs” of  largely wealthy White men; while women and Blacks continued to suffer and die.  

  The patent recently expired on Sildenafil, and now word is out that this could be a lifesaver for the vast number of people who suffer from dysmenorrhea,  hypertension, Alzhiemer’s disease and cardiovascular ailments. The are common  ailments among Black people.

   I personally, express outrage, as I too could have been helped by this drug; which effects “ they “ knew about over twenty years ago.

 What further proof do we need at they are indeed trying to kill us?!

  Most MD’s were not informed of this and thus did not prescribe Sildenafil for the after mentioned ailments. If you suffer from these, I recommend that you find a prescribing doctor willing to read and listen.  Present the evidence, and try Sildenafil to relieve dysmenorrea, high blood pressure and certain types of cardio vascular issues. 

 Natalie Williams


Natalie M. Williams has a Master’s degree in Applied Physiology [ Teachers College, Columbia University].  Exercise Physiology is a subset of this field; which also includes the study of what happens to the human body under extreme conditions. 

Local Judge Endorsements

   Who represents us on the courts is important. Having certain qualities is critical. We are very fortunate to have two attorneys running  for judgeships that have the qualities needed for such a position. Karen Stanislaus and Anthony Brindisi. Both are experienced, knowledgeable, excellent listeners, mediators, and problem solvers with the necessary calm  demeanor.

  In my personal knowledge of Karen and Anthony I have found them both to be experienced and dedicated to making our courts fair and impartial. They have earned my vote!

  Early voting will be held from Saturday, October 23, 2021 to October 31st at New Hartford Town Hall (former Gander Mountain Orchard Mall), MVCC and South Rome Senior Center. Every week day 10 AM to 6 PM.

  Please join me in voting For Karen Stanislaus (Oneida County Family Court) and Anthony Brindisi (State Supreme Court).

Carole Gehrig, Whitesboro, NY


Unexpected Gratitude

   One afternoon, on my way back to work, I was stopped at an intersection when a beat-up pick up truck pulled up next to me. I locked eyes with the driver, a white guy, as he stared at me, signaling to roll my window down. I did. Slowly. He said “You a doctor?” He must have seen my MD plates as he rolled up. I said, “Yes!” I smiled and waited with bated breath at what he would say next. He said “Thank you for what you do. You guys are out there fighting this COVID. You’re awesome!” 

   I think I squealed out a “Thank you!” past the lump in my throat. I smiled as I passed him when the light turned green, thinking that was really good to hear. We rarely hear stuff like that. It really made my day. Probably my week. After seeing incidents of Asians being verbally or physically assaulted just for their ethnicity, this beautiful statement of gratitude and appreciation floored me. Thank your doctors and other healthcare providers. Especially those at the front lines of this battle. We’re not superheroes, but comments like that make us feel stronger to keep up the fight until we beat this pandemic!

 Dr. Emmie Pizarro

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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