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O Biting Fly, I hate you so. You wonder why ? I’ll let you know!


So, this is the season for mosquitos, black flies and other nasties that like to suck your blood and eat your flesh. So, after you wear your Off, or Skin so Soft, hats and long sleeves and you’re still eaten alive what do you do about the stinging, the itching, the swelling and pain?
The first thing is hot packs. Yup. Get a wash cloth as hot in running water as you can stand, wring it out and press it to the area in question until it makes the bite even more intense. Do that a couple of times and suddenly its stops itching.
You’ll want to keep a product called Camphophenique on hand. It’s great for neutralizing the venom of those biting creeps. Put a little of that Compho on and the itching will stay gone for hours. You can do it several times a day and your bite or sting will heal up more quickly and leave you in a better state.
You can use this technique with children too.
And with an actual sting from a bee the homeopathic Apis Melifica is of great use. Use three pellets 3 x a day.


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