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Mohawk Valley Almanac July 2021 Edition By Roger Chambers

Mohawk Valley Almanac July 2021 Edition

By Roger Chambers

If early and mid-June is any indication, we may be in for a long, hot summer. If possible, on the hottest days over 90°F, take the usual precautions of avoiding strenuous outdoor activity from 10 A.M. to late afternoon, stay hydrated, limit sun exposure, and use sunscreen when outside. 

As the coronavirus pandemic slowly winds down, this summer presents several unique situations.  Many large village or city-wide festivals have been postponed or canceled due to the uncertainty of what state guidelines may be. Examples include Utica’s Boiler Maker 15 Kilometer Road Race now set for October, Rome’s Honor America Days in late July to mid-August, and September’s Remsen’s Barn Festival of the Arts.

As different state and local mandates may vary from situation to situation, now is not the time to be complacent. While those fully vaccinated are at low risk, masks may still be mandated at some activities and in some shopping or service situations. Please be patient where masks are encouraged and use common sense in attending crowded maskless activities. And most importantly, if not vaccinated, become informed and get the recommended vaccine(s) unless your doctor recommends against it.

Holidays and Observances for July

July 1 Canada Day

July 4 Independence Day, usually called the “Fourth of July”

July 13 Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Birthday, Tennessee

July 24 Pioneer Day, Utah; National Day of the Cowboy 

July 25 Constitution Day, Puerto Rico

July 27 José Celso Barbosa’s Birthday, Puerto Rico


At the time of this writing, this summer seems to be about halfway open. Many of the usual activities, fairs, festivals, and large sporting events may be on hold or with modified, somewhat limited attendance allowed. Check with the sponsor of particular large events to find out the limitations if the event is not canceled.


There may also still be limitations on travel, particularly foreign travel. Many if not most cruises remain closed or on hold until the fall. While Europe may open up soon, it would not be wise to yet plan unnecessary travel to much of Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean where the Covid 19 pandemic is getting worse this late spring. As of this writing, it still remains unclear on just when the Candian-U.S. border will open up.

If traveling out of state, be aware of much higher car rental fees, slower lines at airports, likely continued mask requirements in some circumstances, and pent-up demand raising prices for restaurants and hotels/accommodations.

For many, it may be another summer of staying close to home, with perhaps occasional day visits to a nearby village, city, or state parks. We are gradually coming out of a most difficult time but should realize that this is not yet quite over. Continue patience and common sense are strongly encouraged as we get back to something considered near normal over the next few months. 

In the Night Skies

The Sun is at aphelion, or its annual farthest point from the Earth on July 5th, and is 7% dimmer at noon than it was in January.

The Crescent Moon is to the right of Venus and Mars on July 11th. The two planets remain quite close (though the Moon has shifted) on the 12th and 13th. Mars is rather dim at magnitude 1.84, and best viewed with binoculars.

A day after the Full Buck Moon, a triangle is formed by Saturn to the left of the Moon and Jupiter to the right on the 24th,  Jupiter shifting to below the Moon on the 25th.

Rising and Setting Times of the Sun, Moon, and Visible Planets on Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Sunrise  5:41 A.M. Sunset  8:33 P.M.

Moonrise  6:47 P.M., SE, Waxing Gibbous Moonset 2:42 A.M., SW

Mercury  Rises 5:38 A.M., northeast Sets 7:54 P.M., northwest

Venus  Sets 10:04 P.M., west

Mars  Sets 9:50 P.M., west

Jupiter rises -Rises 9:57 P.M., east

Saturn rises – Rises 9:04 P.M., southeast  Sets 6:50 A.M., southwest

Phases of the Moon for July 2021

Last Quarter  July 1

New Moon July 9

First Quarter  July 17

Full Buck Moon  July 23

Last Quarter July 31 


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