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Local Radio Station Owner Newest Panelist on NPR’s Says You!

Featured: Cassandra Harris-Lockwood

“A public radio game show of bluff and bluster, words and whimsy”

Well-known local activist and media op, Cassandra Harris-Lockwood, recently debuted as a panelist on the popular WNPR national game show, Says You!

Last Saturday November 14 at noon, the world came to know the grit, wit and humor our area’s Black female CEO of the not-for-profit, For The Good, Inc. and Phoenix Radio’s 95.5FM The Heat. Joining the long running radio game show participants, Carolyn Fay Fox, Barry Nolan and others, Harris-Lockwood plugged into public radio’s quintessential quiz show, aired weekly from coast to coast.

When asked how it all came to be she replied, “It was as a result of the contact they made last year when they came through on tour from Boston. They picked Phoenix Radio out of a hat and stropped in on their way to Syracuse. They played at the Munstitute the next day and we’ve stayed in touch.

They started recruiting me in September and wore me down. I taped two Zoom segments here in studio and the last weekend in October Steve and I spent in Boston. They got us a rental car and we stayed at the Fairmont Hotel. I spent the day taping two segments at WGBH, headquarters for WNPR. One will be aired between Christmas and New Years. The other on St. Valentine’s Day.”

Harris-Lockwood added that since Western Civ. and Classical Literature are not her ”sweet spot for knowledge” but that she was flattered and had a fun time. “They’re wonderful people and I was honored to play with them,” said Harris-Lockwood.

So look and listen to our local celeb in upcoming segments of Says You! on WNPR.


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