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Re: Palmieri’s Whining Rant on Phillips from OD’s Good, Bad and Ugly of September 2nd

How I Sees It!!!!  By Peg Ward

The very contrary Palmieri is at it again.   The mere fact that he would have the gall to call anyone else (Heath Phillips) disingenuous is so indicative of Bobby Boy’s pompous, narcissistic, self-serving, and own disingenuous nature.

Palmieri’s “chain of command” dictate shows his utter disdain that anyone would ever form an opinion or hold an idea without first consulting “his royal lowess.”  He close mindedly cries about not being given the opportunity to show Phillips “….”where he (Phillips) may be wrong or I (Palmieri) may be right….”

Palmieri has some nerve calling the kettle black when he refers to “….critical issues in a city he really knows very little about.” Palmieri’s expression of shock and disappointment that anyone running for public office would stoop so low as to consult taxpaying city residents shows this mayor’s utter contempt for hardworking, intelligent, vocal and involved Uticans.    

Palmieri’s Sweeps have done just that to Uticans.    Swept them right under the rug, in a “quiet” little dirt heap, which is where he knows they belong.

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staffhttp://www.uticaphoenix.net
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