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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

If I were ever to be caught in doing something slightly over the edge of illegality (mildly) it would be to be found, under the cover of darkness at the Busy Corner with some paint and a team refurbishing…exactly as it is now, one of the most magnificent , encouraging artworks ever put on a building mural…permission or not.It is perfect. It encourages. When I saw it going up, nearly completed, I had been out of town for a little while and didn’t know the project was underway. When I saw it on Genesee Street, I pulled my car to the curb, got out the southeast corner, and shouted encouragements and approval to the workers! “Wow !” “That’s great!” and other phrases. The sign has not at all dulled in its encouragement to those who view it, especially visitors here seeing it for the first time.

Its’ message is right on the mark. The design is GREAT…and it is historic… Don’t even suggest changing it. We are not Mao Tse Tung and his Cultural Revolution mowing down China’s non-Communist past, or ISIS destroying anything of the past that doesn’t conform to their ideas.

Get out the paint and brushes and get busy ensuring that Utica’s greatest monument to the new era…and a bridge to our past…stays As Is!

Rust to Green can help paint. I love their ideas for Utica & elsewhere… But..”no changes”.
Courteously and cheerfully…I just see that sunrise and it uplifts me.

Tom Loughlin Jr


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