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Several days ago the phone rang in my house. Surprisingly, a recording announced a telephone town hall meeting for our Congressperson – Claudia Tenney. My wife and I had absolutely no notice that we would receive this call. Hence we were unprepared, despite having serious questions to ask our representative. Nevertheless, we eventually pressed the appropriate buttons on our phone indicating our desire to ask questions. We were never called upon. In fact, it appeared that many of the people called upon had difficulty with the process and did not get their questions across. Other questioners seemed to have ample notice of the town hall, were prepared, and asked questions for which Ms. Tenney seemed fully prepared. No one challenged her on anything during the time we remained on the phone.

What are you afraid of Ms. Tenney? Why not hold a live event, and allow your constituents a fair opportunity to question and raise concerns? I know what I am afraid of – the effect on our nation of the person that YOU supported for president. Please repudiate him, and encourage your congressional colleagues to resist his nonsense – so you all can actually get something done for our citizens. Please?

Peter Antonowicz, Esq.

Rome, NY


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