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June Herbal Study Group to Meet June 12th

The Herbal Study Group will meet at Old Path Farm. 9035 Grange Hill Road, New Hartford, NY 13413. The time will be 6:30pm.

This month we will experiment with making hydrosols. Rose water is one
type of hydrosol people may be familiar with. To accomplish this you can
take any fragrant plant material, roots, flowers or leaves, add water and
then steam distill the contents. This is the first step in making an
essential oil.

Much less plant material is need to make a hydrosol than an essential oil.
Hydrosols are less concentrated than essential oils and safer to use.

Because they are so hydrating, hydrosols are ideal for maintaining
hydrated, breathing skin, and especially for dry skin, regardless of
cause. They can also be helpful for treating actual skin conditions when
applied with a cotton ball or small compress.

We will make a Lemon Balm hydrosol or a Tartarian Honeysuckle hydrosol.

Free of charge. All are welcome.


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