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By C Harris- Lockwood

Cassandra Harris-Lockwood

A Facebook meme which I have seen before recently popped up on my page. It was something to the effect of “No Black person alive today was ever a slave. No White person alive today ever owned a slave. Why don’t people stop living in the past?”

I explained the problem of historical denial and discrimination to him and he complained that he had been discriminated against as well. The
message didn’t get across to him. It then occurred to me to try another angle.

There is no White man today who has ever delivered Smallpox tainted blankets to Native Americans, slaughtered them in the great wars of
the plains or burned down their villages or marched them en mass across the country to their death or signed treaties and reneged on the terms.

Yet and still, White people continue to benefit from the abuses, treachery, and domination of historic Black and Indian suffering. Native Americans have been relegated to isolated areas in rural areas. Black Americans have been relegated to isolated and blighted urban areas.

Indians are the indigenous people whose land was taken from them and Blacks are the indigenous people who have been taken from their land. Both groups have historically been denied, abused, discriminated against and marginalized by White people who to this day continue to benefit from those actions.

When you talk about, education, employment, emotional stability, health parameters, home ownership, life expectancy, Blacks, and Indians are far below White numbers. In fact, Black folks lead the ‘race to the grave,’ a race no one wants to win.

So, I hope that this editorial, leaving out reference to slavery, or White privilege with the example of another group which has suffered here in the Americas and continues to struggle for equality and success, can bring an awakening to those who cannot understand the necessity of racial and cultural reformation and equality in our great land.

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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