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Following Local Groundswell of Support For USPS & Brindisi Call To Action, House Passes Bipartisan Delivering for America Act To Provide Critical Relief To Post Office

Congressman Supports Legislation To Preserve & Protect Postal Service For NY-22 Communities


Earlier This Week, Brindisi Stood With Postal Workers, Elected Officials, & Consumers To Demand Action To Save Post Office


Brindisi: We Are One Step Closer To Preserving The Post Office & The Vital Role It Plays For Our Livelihoods & Economies


Earlier this week, Congressman Anthony Brindisi sounded the alarm on mail delays and postal processing cuts that were detrimental to New York’s 22nd district mail service. Today, Brindisi joined Democrats and Republicans to pass the Delivering For America Act.

Following reports of sorting machine removal in Syracuse, Brindisi held events across the district with letter carriers and postal customers to highlight the importance of reliable and consistent mail delivery for the region. Brindisi featured the stories of Veterans, seniors, businesses and more in an effort to force Congress to act.

“I joined working families, Veterans, and older Americans across our region to tell Washington to cut the politics and save our post office–and with this bipartisan bill we are one step closer to making that a reality,” Brindisi said. “Now it is time for the Senate to act and deliver relief and certainty for the post office. They deliver for us–it’s time Congress delivers for them.”

The legislation, supported by Democrats and Republicans, prohibits the USPS from making changes to operations or service levels from those that were in effect on January 1, 2020, until the public health emergency is over. The bill also directs the USPS to reverse any action that is causing delay in processing or delivery of the mail. Under the Delivering For America Act, during the public health emergency the USPS may not make any operational changes that would impede prompt, reliable, and efficient mail services, including:

  • Revisions of service standards;
  • Closures or consolidations of post offices or reduction of facility hours;
  • Restrictions on the use of overtime for USPS officers or employees;
  • Changes that would have the effect of delaying mail, allowing non-delivery to a delivery route, or increasing the volume of undelivered mail;
  • Treating election mail as any class of mail other than first-class;
  • Removing, decommissioning, or any other stoppage of mail sorting machines, other than for routine maintenance;
  • Removing or eliminating any mail collection box that is available to the public; or
  • Instituting any hiring freeze

Earlier this month, Brindisi joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers calling on the Postmaster General to address reports of mail slowdowns. His efforts to preserve the post office were praised by area consumers.

“Throughout this pandemic, postal workers have continued to serve the American people by ensuring their mail, including packages, medicine, and stimulus checks, continued to be delivered 6, and sometimes 7 days a week,” said Billy Ganey, Letter Carrier Congressional Liaison, National Association of Letter Carriers. “As a long time letter carrier, I’d like to thank Representative Brindisi for his continued support of a viable Postal Service.”

“Thank you to Congressman Brindisi for doing what he says he will and working with both parties to save the Post Office on behalf of veterans nationwide who receive prescriptions through the mail,” said area Veteran Ben Margolius. “The USPS should be above politics and Anthony always puts our communities ahead of partisan politics. We appreciate that.”

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